Hitler Youth Shows Up In Orange County, California

I have just finished reading an article written by Carol McGraw in The Orange County (California) Register about a conference sponsored by the Youth for Christ called a Youth Evangelism Conference.

Let me quote the first paragraph;

"A screaming, swaying crowd of teen-agers crammed into Anahem Convention Center on Tursday to boo President Clinton, the surgen general, Dr. Ruth, abortions, condoms, homosexuals, feminists and religions different from their own."
The leader of this conference, Josh McDowell had this to say about tolerance using the parable of Daniel in the lions den;

"Tolerance is the worst roar of all, including tolerance for homosexuals, feminists and religions the don't follow Christ."

This is what we're up against, it's not just having prayer or teaching creationism in the public schools, it's more that that, it's the teaching of hate to teen-agers and getting them to teach their friends. And the president of Youth for Christ Roger Cross clams that they reach a half-million youngsters yearly in 100 nations, including 240 U.S. cities.