Christianity As A Drug

From: Steve Quarrella
To : Doug Brewer

14 Jul 94, dixo Doug Brewer a Fredric Rice:

FR>> Why do Christians always sound bitter? (Rhetorical question though
FR>> you are certainly free to answer it.)

DB> Let me. Christians sound bitter alot because we come to you
DB> with a message of salvation; and we are spit on, cursed and
DB> abused. That tends to cause bitterness. Sorry.

Here, let me help you:

You are perceived as a drug addict, and you and your club members are trying to peddle your drugs to others. You have created a fictional problem called "sin" for which you take your drug, and you have deluded yourself into believing that others not only suffer from your affliction, but also need your drug to deal with that affliction.

We have no interest in "getting high" on your drugs, as our lives are just fine without having to be "saved" from the affliction you are selling. If getting high on Jesus is your bag, that's long as you do not ask others to inhale, we'll get along just fine. But if you tell people time and time again that they not only suffer from your affliction but also that they need your drug, you're going to be treated LIKE a drug dealer. You will be harassed to no end, cursed, spat upon, and every other inconvenience you can think of, until such a time that you take your drugs elsewhere.

I wonder, though...we see many Christian Fundamentalists come through here, attempting to feed their massive martyr complexes. They don't care about "saving people", although they'd like you to THINK that's their concern. Rather, they are engaging in messianic emulation, and like Jesus in the gospels, they want AND need to suffer. Are you one such person, engaging in spiritual sadomasochism?