More stupidity in SC

From: Jason Harmon

Yet another fine example of the shape this state is in. Henry Jordan, a member of the state Board of Education, was in a meeting having one of the usual hissy fits about religion in public schools. He asked why students could not post the Ten Commandments in a public school. When told certain members of other religious groups might be offended by this act, he responded with a wonderful piece of Christian Love(tm): "Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims. Put that in the minutes." Wonderful, isn't it? Later, he apologized for his statements but then, apparantly thinking he was Humpty Dumpty, made another fine remark:

"Both of these religions aren't really religions. They're cults--- if you define a cult as someone who worships someone other than Jesus Christ."

And who can argue with that type of logic? Just to balance the table, here's a bit of intelligence from South Carolina: Recently plans were announced to develop a Bible-based theme park in Cherokee County. One of the proposed activities for guests involved using slingshots to imitate David killing Goliath. A man wrote a letter to the paper asking where all the outrage about violent forms of entertainment was. That letter was printed. I wrote a letter, asking if fathers could sleep with their daughters and if bald guests would be protected by bears. It wasn't printed.