Local Geophysical Resonance (LGR)

[The cause of the worst German train disaster in more than 50 years is being blamed on a broken wheel on the first car behind the lead locomotive, according to *The Washington Post*, 6 Jun 1998, noting that investigators had not yet determined whether it was metal fatigue or an outside force. Consequently, this item from Sinyakov seemed worth including as an indication of the diversity of risks that must be considered relating to technology. PGN]

The cause of train crash in Germany is a natural phenomenon -- a Local Geophysical Resonance (LGR). LGR is unknown early phenomenon which is connected with an interaction of solar systems planets. It was discovered by professor Alexander Sinyakov. This interaction leads to the excitation of local zone of outerspace. If the frequency of LGR is equal to the critical frequency of crystal structure of object, the failure of objects take place.

In the case of train crash in Germany (03 June 1998) the frequency of crystal structure of steel rails and wheels was equal to the frequency of LGR. The crack of rails and may be wheels arose as a result of LGR. Similar cause took place in the crash of train Pendolino in Italy.

More detail about LGR look at: http://www.aanet.ru/nauka/siniakov/


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