A little light entertainment

From: Sean McCullough

Hello, fellow heathens and all you diseducated ones out there!!

Here's a little light entertainment for those of us who understand how full of TIHS so-called "Bible-believing" is......

.......and a major embarrassment to those who believe in the Bible and the God-thing[s] it posits.........

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                         SATANISM: WHERE YOU LIVE

I feel that the Lord wants me to warn Christians and others who have
ears to hear about the dangers of satanism. We are living in evil
times, possibly the last days before our Lord Jesus Christ returns.
Satanism is here in every city and town throughout the world, whether
it be called white magick, witchcraft, fortunetelling, or the New Age
Movement. It involves rituals, such as worshipping the sun, moon,
earth, and stars, and the use of black magick, such as in blood
sacrifices of animals, people, or blood pacts with the devil and

Satan is trying to attract as many people as possible because his
time is short. Some forms of satanism, such as witchcraft, paganism,
and the New Age Movement, are even condoned by society. Films with an
occult bent, such as "The Omen", "The Exorcist", "The Evil Dead", and
"Night of the Living Dead" are all making a lot of money, and are
insinuating occult rituals and substance into our culture. According
to MTV, the number one all-time music video was Michael Jackson's
"Thriller" in which he turns into a werewolf and is pursued by
zombies who rise from the dead out of a graveyard. Even children's
cartoons and toys are now full of occult messages and mass murder.
Hit movies, like "Ghostbusters" and "Beetle Juice" have become
Saturday morning cartoons, and sell corresponding toys to children
who aren't even old enough to go to school. "Dungeons and Dragons"
and "He-man/Shera" both show satanic and witchcraft demon summoning
and spells. T. V. W. W. F. wrestling advocates the occult and the

The biggest audience, however, seems to be teenagers. Heavy metal
music is littered with occult messages and symbols. The lyrics openly
advocate satanic worship, bloodletting, black masses, suicide,
hatred, drug usage, and murder. Heavy metal groups sell albums,
tapes, CD's, posters, T-shirts, buttons, and all kind of occultish
paraphernalia openly depicting devil worship at its worst. Many such
groups claim publically that they truly do worship the devil; others
say that they only use it because it sells so well.

New Age Movement music, on the other hand, is much less open, relying
on subliminal messages and hypnotic music. It advocates "being your
own god" and total absorption with your self. Satan started this lie
in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. The New Age Movement is the
anti-Christ movement. Evidence of this can be seen with President
Bush, the Pope, and Mikhail Gorbachev ushering in the new world
order, or with Lucifer's order for a one world economic, money, and
religious system under the Antichrist. New Age channeling, chanting,
astrology, worshipping gurus, T.M., trances, meditation, contacting
spirit guides, guardians, or ascended masters, even attending seances
are said to be harmless, when, in fact, those leave a person wide
open to demonic infestation. Reincarnation, karma meditation, and
yoga all lead to nirvana, the devil's haven. One with the universe is
really an expression for Satan, yin yang, good and bad together, or
light and darkness mixed. Opening the all-seeing eye, the third eye,
enlightenment, self-realization, becoming god, or one with the
universe, or Lucifer, are all terms and phrases referring to Satan.

Dabbling in the occult usually starts in "innocent" ways such as the
following: pagan worship, gods and goddesses, worshipping good old
mother earth, potions and lotions; casting spells, hexes, curses,
jinx and charms; high priest or priestess worshipping idols; killing
animals and human sacrifices to achieve power; and all parts of the
peace and ecology movement.

Demonic possession can come through messing with the Ouija Board and
Necromancy, and also through Hindu New Age practices, such as yoga
and meditation. Necromancy is contact with the dead, actually demons
in disguise, as familiar spirits.

People become involved with drugs like L. S. D., metaphysics, psychic
healings, candle magick, acupuncture, biofeedback, modern yoga,
seances, dream interpretations, UFO's, tarot cards, visualizing, rune
magic, and palm reading. Other forms include martial arts like karate
and ninja, Indian spirits, dungeons and dragons, other role-playing
games, crystals programming, scrying, astrology, holistic healing,
homeopathy, hypnotism, and other forms of mind control. More forms
include astral projection, levitation, telekinesis,
dematerialization, translocation, apports, deports, and all kinds of
divinations. Then, later, as they become more involved and interested
in the occult, they will turn to books on the Eastern religions, the
New Age Movement, Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, Muslim belief, and the
blatantly satanic books on sorcery such as _THE SATANIC BIBLE_, _THE
SATANIC RITUALS_, and the _NECRONOMICON_, which are available in
their libraries and book stores. Drugs and alcohol lead to the
occult, especially L. S. D.

Teenagers aren't the only ones involved in satanism. The satanic
hierarchy includes the Rothschild bankers, the Illuminati, and the
Brotherhood. Satanists come from all walks of life: policemen,
teachers, doctors, free masons, shriners, politicians, lawyers,
psychologists, funeral directors, and even members of the clergy.

Other satanists, or places of satanism, include day care workers,
hospital workers, Sunday schools, nurseries, college campus teachers
and students, high schools, military bases, abortion clinics,
pornographic places, drug gangs, child kidnappers, world leaders, New
Age education, the ecology and peace movement, and the new world

Everywhere in the world, satanists are offering sacrifices, killing
animals and even humans. Then, they often drink the blood and eat the
dead flesh disposing of the bodies by cremation or burial. Satanists
view war as one big sacrifice to Satan.

Witches and satanists work in many state mental hospitals with
patients, and satanists and witches often end up in mental
institutions themselves, and in jails and prisons.

Satanists are often members of churches, leading double-lives. They
counterfeit the things of God with imitations of spiritual gifts. If
they teach Sunday School -- especially to little children -- they
will distort and pervert the Gospel. One has to discern if these
people are filled with the Holy Spirit of God, or if they are
possessed by unholy spirits. Be especially careful of the people who
pray with you, or lay hands on you.

Satanists take their beliefs seriously. They do rituals of
destruction, hate, lust, compassion, and even murder. Their spirit is
controlled by the devil, whether they believe in him or not, invoking
demons for their own selfish desires, white magick, black arts, or
voodoo -- it's all of the devil.

There is only one way out of satanism, witchcraft, the New Age
Movement, paganism, or spiritualism: JESUS CHRIST! It is vital to
completely forsake all occult involvement, to accept Jesus Christ as
Savior, and to repent and be forgiven. In some cases, an exorcism, or
an extended prayer vigil is necessary, and pastoral counseling is a
must. But, no matter how deeply involved someone was in the occult,
they can still be cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ,
who has eternally and forever defeated Satan. Satan was once a
beautiful angel, but he succumbed to pride, was cast out of heaven,
and will spend eternity in hell. Hell is _not_ a place of partying,
giving vent to all evil desires of the flesh, _but_ a place of
eternal torment and regret.

Spirit-filled Christians can come against Satan in the name of Jesus
Christ. Remember that you are coming against a defeated foe, and that
foe is Satan. Satan was created by our God, JESUS CHRIST. JESUS
CHRIST is the ONLY way to freedom!

Read JOHN 14:6, K. J. V. of the Bible.
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This JEWEL of a fundiejeezoid archrant was received by hand via one of my informants in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Slack!! -- Sean