The *WORST* living advertisement for Christianity

From: Nicole Chardenet To: Rob Burcham

NC>> Yeah, but to *really* take the place of Jimmy Swaggart
NC>> he's got to consort with prostitutes, go after his
NC>> fellow fundies' kingdoms (a la Swaggart's pursuit
NC>> of the PTL empire), go around with a perpetual expression
NC>> on his fa like he just swallowed a lemon, and be the
NC>> *worst* advertisement for joinin Christianity since
NC>> Kramer & Sprenger.

BB> As for that expression on his face, I always wondered
BB> why someone so in tune with the Lord would look
BB> like they're in misery all the time.

He always struck me as being the *WORST* living advertisement for Christianity. I was subjected to his daily tirades (a practice which is now, I understand, prohibited by the Geneva Convention as being too cruel and barbaric--<g>) when I worked at a Christian TV station, and I said as much to the fundies there. I said looking at something like him was the last thing that would entice me to become "born again." He was so hate-filled and so ugly (in spirit, not his physical looks) that I couldn't listen to him after awhile. I just turned down the TV sound when his show came on. It made me nauseous. None of the other TV evangelists were THAT bad.

BB> Pardon my ignorance, but who are Kramer & Sprenger?
BB> Sounds like a law firm. Or maybe an act in Las Vegas,
BB> like Siegfried & Roy.

Close enough! They were Dominican priests during the worst of what we Pagans call "The Burning Times" when so many people were persecuted for witchcraft and heresy. They wrote the "Malleus Maleficarum" (The Witches' Hammer) which detailed just who witches were (mostly women), what they allegedly did, how to torture and interrogate them, and how to execute them. All the B.S. that we have today about animal and baby sacrifice in regard to alleged Satanic cults, as well as a huge amount of misogyny, and a lot of crap about demonology we owe to K & S. The book was immensely popular in medieval Europe and it fanned the flames of witchhunt crazes for centuries to come.