"Ex-gay" pastor molests

Comments By Rod Swift

I uploaded a packet earlier and I was looking for articles on Rev. Colin Cook for Karen Davis and Katherine Wintersnight.

So anyway. Here's all the gory details that I could find on Rev. Colin Cook who was recruited by Colorado for Family Values -- even though they knew that the Seventh Day Adventists had kicked him out for molesting the people he counselled.

Here's all the archival material on the CFV and their dealings with Cook and their views on homosexuality in general. The ironic thing is that the gay and lesbian equal rights groups in Colorado exposed this guy by researching his background about 6 months before the Denver Post first contacted the same sources and found the "Lawson Report".

And then after the exposure of Cook as a pedophilic molester, the group Colorado for Family Values continued to promote him as an "ex-gay" counsellor.

And for Ken Young -- he's one of your "Christian" curers of gays. I think that people should think very hard about sending their youths to people like this, eh?

Rod "...enjoy!" Swift :)

Date: Tue, 2 May 1995 14:29:12 -0400


COLORADO FOR FAMILY VALUES ASKED TO STOP PROMOTING CHILD MOLESTER IN "FAMILY VALUES" SEMINARS: Gays and Lesbians Against Immoral Lifestyles instructs CFV to make immediate reparations

Denver, CO, May 2, 1995 -- With Colorado For Family Values planning tonight to again promote a child molester as a sexual conselor to sexually troubled youth -- this time in Littleton at the Mission Hills Church -- Gays and Lesbians Against Immoral Lifestyles today sent the following letter to CFV executive director Kevin Tebedo:

Gays and Lesbians Against Immoral Lifestyles Box 7327 Boulder, CO 80304

May 2, 1995

VIA FACSIMILE Kevin Tebedo Executive Director Colorado For Family Values

Dear Kevin:

It has come to our attention that you are promoting a known child molester, Rev. Colin Cook, as a counselor to sexually confused youth in your "Time to Stand" seminars across the state.

In a CFV advertisement in the 4/24/95 issue of the Rocky Mountain News, you describe Cook as someone "who once lived the homosexual lifestyle and now helps others escape it through his ministry, FaithQuest."

As you surely must know, Kevin, Rev. Cook's first "ex-gay" ministry was abolished by the Seventh-day Adventists when they discovered that Cook uses his position of power as a "minister" to coerce sexually troubled young men into having sex with him. The Lawson Report for the Seventh-day Adventists discovered repeated instances in which Cook tried to coerce young men -- including a 16-year-old boy -- into such activities as allowing Cook fondle their penises, allowing Cook to give them "full-body naked massages," routinely letting Cook hug them for long periods of time during which Cook would rub his erect penis against them, sleeping in the same bed as Cook, and agreeing to strip naked during "therapy sessions" with Cook. And these documented instances are very likely only fraction of Cook's orgy of sexual abuse of young men -- men who were tragically convinced to entrust themselves to this monster in minister's clothing.

Nevertheless, Kevin, you are in the process of promoting Colin Cook in "family values" meetings across Colorado as a person whom parents should entrust with their sexually troubled or confused children. Kevin, this has to stop, and it has to stop NOW! If you continue your promotion of Cook, and Cook continues his well established pattern of behavior in molesting innocent children, then you are just as guilty of child molestation as your so-called minister is when he grabs children's penises, makes them strip, or rubs his penis against them.

I would very much appreciate an immediate letter to me, Kevin, in which you promise, in writing, to cease your activities with Cook, to publicly issue a statement of apology for promoting Cook, and to contact each family that attended your already- completed sessions in Grand Junction and Colorado Springs. You must apologize to these families and tell them they should not regard Cook as someone to whom they can entrust their children or to whom they should refer other parents or children seeking help.

Tebedo's promotion of a child molester as a "minister" for sexually troubled youth. Cendo planned to continue the hunger strike until CFV at the very least agreed to inform parents of Cook's history at CFV meetings that promote Cook as an "ex-gay" minister.

About 20 minutes after Cendo said he would stay in jail on a hunger strike, the jail's desk sergeant ordered Cendo released immediately, even though bail had never been paid or even set. When Cendo refused to leave the jail, four deputy sheriffs forcibly expelled Cendo from jail by carrying him out of jail and into a squad car, which took Cendo back to the spot where police had arrested him two hours earlier.

After being released, Cendo said, "We won't give up -- because the lives of children and young men and are at risk from such sick people as Kevin Tebedo and Colin Cook."

"Tebedo can lie. He can mislead. He can attempt to manipulate people with propaganda videos such as "Gay Rights, Special Rights." And, yes, he can have us arrested for trying to give people the facts," Cendo said. "But we won't give up, and eventually the truth will prevail."

Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 09:22:39 -0500

From: Dr Mel White, Minister for Justice, UFMCC
(Available for telephone interviews at 214-878-6908)
Friday, October 27, 1995

(Dallas, Texas) Colin Cook's method for 'curing' homosexuality ranks alongside leaches and lobotomies in the tragic history of medical malpractice. I congratulate Rick Cendo, Virginia Culver, and the Denver Post for having the courage to expose this leader of the well-intentioned but totally fraudulent "ex-gay" movement. I'm sorry that Colin Cook must suffer this terrible public embarrassment, but I am relieved that the truth about Colin's personal life has been revealed at last.

Like myself, tens of thousands of gay men and lesbians in the U.S. have been victims of the worthless "reparative" or "ex-gay" therapies espoused by Cook and by Cook's sponsors, Kevin Tebedo's Colorado for Family Values, James Dobson's Focus on the Family and Pat Robertson's 700 Club. I wasted a quarter-of-a-century of my life and more than $150,000 of my resources struggling to "overcome" my homosexual orientation through Cook's unproven and misleading 'ex-gay' methods. I know from terrible experience that after years of trying, Cook's victims end up far worse than where they began. We minister to thousands.

In my autobiography, Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay And Christian In America, I describe my painful journey. As late as yesterday, October 26, at the seminar Cook is teaching at the Colorado Springs Sheraton, Cook discussed my "case" publicly with conferees, dismissing my struggle with simplistic contempt, condemning my acceptance of my homosexual orientation, and denouncing my ministry with God's gay children.

For years we have monitored this false and inflammatory anti-gay rhetoric of James Dobson, Kevin Tebedo, Coach McCartney and other sincere but misinformed Christian leaders. Much of that anti-gay rhetoric flows directly from the false belief espoused by Colin Cook that homosexuality can and should be cured.

In today's Denver Post, once again we are reminded through Colin Cook's own personal tragedy, that homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is a gift from God that cannot and should not be changed. I invite Colin to accept his homosexuality as another of God's gifts. Instead of bearing false witness and holding out false hope, it is time for Colin to accept the gift that God has given him and live his new life with integrity. He is always welcome to attend any one of our 300 congregations of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches where God's gay and lesbian children find acceptance and spiritual wholeness at last.

Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 14:51:53 -0500

From: Rick Cendo, President, GLAIL, CORick@AOL.COM


November 3, 1995 -- One week after The Denver Post showed that Colorado For Family Values' "ex-gay" minister is sexually molesting counselees, CFV has continued to remain silent, neither attempting to explain its minister's behavior nor moving swiftly to limit his damage.

On the day that the Denver Post showed that the Rev. Colin Cook is involved in sexual molestations, including phone sex with his young counselees, several state gay organizations demanded that CFV cease its endorsement and promotion of Cook, apologize to the families it misled, and run correctional advertisements in all the newspaper it had originally advertised Cook as a successful sexual counselor.

The gay organizations included Equality Colorado, Ground Zero and the Colorado chapter of Gays and Lesbians Against Immoral Lifestyles.

So far, CFV and its executive director Kevin Tebedo have remained silent, avoiding comment and publicity on the matter.

"While CFV may be following the most P.R.-savvy approach, it is also the approach that puts Colorado's youth at greatest risk," said Rick Cendo, Colorado president of Gays and Lesbians Against Immoral Lifestyles.

"CFV has promoted Colin Cook as a great counselor for Colorado's youth all summer long. Cook has been the featured speaker at numerous CFV 'Time to Stand' seminars across the state. Tebedo has advertised Cook in the Rocky Mountain News and other papers; he has used police force to cover up information about Cook's past sexual molestations. In the Denver Post, Tebedo described Cook as 'top-notch'," Cendo said.

"This is the time when CFV and Tebedo should be moving swiftly to admit their wrongs, correct the record, and warn Colorado's families and youth that CFV and Tebedo have tragically misled them," Cendo said. Yet now, for perhaps the first time in his life, Tebedo is silent."

"Tragically, the one time that Kevin Tebedo's words could do some good, rather than harm, is also the first time that Kevin Tebedo has chosen to remain silent."

Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 12:44:41 -0500

From: Rick Cendo, President, GLAIL, CORick@AOL.COM


-- Proven, ADMITTED, 7-year history of molestation

-- Oct. 27 Denver Post article detailing CURRENT molestation

-- Tape-recorded phone sex

Would Perkins send his own grandson to Colin Cook?????????????

Denver, November 7, 1995 -- In the wake of Kevin Tebedo's sudden sacking by Colorado For Family Values yesterday, CFV chairman Will Perkins has refused to concede that the Colin Cook scandal played any part in the Tebedo dismissal.

Instead, Perkins continues CFV's endorsement of the admitted child molester Colin Cook as a counselor to sexually troubled youth and suggested that, if Cook has done anything wrong, then he should investigate himself and report any problems to CFV. In the Rocky Mountain News on Monday (Nov. 6, 1995, page 18A), Perkins was quoted as saying, "I'm sure he'll [Cook] follow up on the rumors himself. If the facts come out that his actions were inappropriate, we'll take the necessary action." "CFV has endorsed, promoted and advertised Colin Cook as a wonderful counselor to sexually troubled youth, despite full knowledge that documented, undisputed proof exists that from 1979 to 1986 Cook sexually molested numerous young men and boys who had come to him as clients," said Rick Cendo, Colorado president of Gays and Lesbians Against Immoral Lifestyles.

"Now The Denver Post's highly respected religion editor reports on Oct. 27 that she has personally heard tape recordings of Colin Cook having phone sex with a client within the last year," Cendo said.

"Any organization in CFV's situation that gives a damn about children or family values would launch an immediate investigation," Cendo said. "But what has Will Perkins done? Nine days after the report, he suggests in the Rocky Mountain News that a proven child molester should himself look into the documented proof that he's still molesting clients and that if this proven child molester finds any validity to the charges that he has continued to molest, then he should let CFV know about it. Then maybe Will Perkins do something, like withdraw CFV's active endorsement of the guy."

"If Will Perkins' own grandson was being 'counseled' by Colin Cook, would Perkins simply ask Cook to investigate himself and, if he finds anything wrong with his own actions, to let Perkins know? I seriously doubt it," Cendo said.

"Given that Cook is a creature of CFV, having been endorsed, promoted and advertised by CFV and the ousted Kevin Tebedo, Will Perkins owes nothing less than a full investigation of Colin Cook," Cendo said.

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 12:06:32 -0800

From: Rick Cendo, President, GLAIL, CORick@AOL.COM


Denver, Nov. 15, 1995 -- The college professor who originally investigated Colin Cook in 1986 and again in 1994, sent a letter yesterday to Will Perkins, chairman of Colorado For Family Values. The letter from Ron Lawson of Queens College details information of Cook's current sexual misconduct that was not reported in the Denver Post expose of Cook on Oct. 27.

CFV has endorsed, promoted and advertised Cook as a counselor to sexually troubled youth, despite full knowledge of Cook's history of sexual molestation. CFV has refused to withdraw its Cook endorsement, despite the new evidence published in the Oct. 27 Denver Post about Cook's current, ongoing sexual misconduct.

Cook has announced that he will hold a press conference tomorrow at the Marriot Southeast (Utah room) at 10:30 A.M. and has accused the Denver Post of defamation.

Excerpts about Cook's current, unreported sexual misconduct from yesterday's Lawson letter to Perkins follow:

Grinding Hugs:

The most striking new ingredient of the face-to-face counseling and living experience for Eddy was the full body hug. These were offered whenever he and Cook were alone, as many as six per day. They were so unexpectedly long that after the first Eddy timed them. They were typically between five and six minutes each, the longest being 12 minutes. The following are excerpts from Eddy's diary of his first day in Denver:
"Once we got into the room, Colin closed the door and said it was time for a real hug. He then tightly wrapped his arms around me, told me that I had to squeeze harder than I was, and pressed his entire body against mine--his cheek to my neck (because he is so much shorter than me), his chest to my chest, and his crotch to my crotch... He held me for about five minutes, occasionally stroking my back and the nape of my neck, and other times squeezing me so hard it felt as if he wanted our bodies to become as one... [A]fter we sat down Colin asked me what I thought about the hug. I said I had never in my life received a hug that was so full and long. Colin asked me if I liked it. I said yes, and Colin stood up and said, 'Let's do it again.' This hug was the same as the first one-- body-to-body, stroking, and lasting five minutes. ... "Colin said it was time for another hug. This time the embrace lasted seven minutes and it involved the same body contact. But I formed an erection, mostly because Colin was rubbing against me so firmly. I could feel Colin's penis, too... I sensed Colin could feel my erection, so I tried to pull away, but Colin hugged me more tightly. This happened twice. ... "Then Colin said it was time for a closing session hug. After three or four minutes I pulled away because I couldn't stand the throbbing erection Colin was pressing into my crotch. Colin asked why I pulled away; was I becoming aroused?"
Cook displaying his erection:
Later, Eddy reported to his diary that "During counseling sessions he sat with his legs apart, and I could observe his erection--he would draw attention to it by manipulating his pants. When I would cross my legs he would say 'there is no need for you to hide your erection from me.' This happened several times."
Cook viewing pornography with counselees:
Cook had asked Eddy to bring his favorite pornographic magazine to Denver, and they spent one counseling session going through it page by page. Cook commented approvingly, "this man has a nice pubic area," "this one has an enormous penis and balls," "nice penis," etc. He repeatedly asked Eddy about his state of arousal. When Eddy pointed out his favorite photo, Cook asked him graphically what he would like to do to the model. Then, having ascertained that Eddy was fully aroused and having admitted that he too was partially aroused, he demanded that Eddy pray, thanking God for the model's handsome appearance.
Cook praises God for pornographic model's "fleshy balls" -- Has counselee "feel [Cook's] erection":
"I said I could not feel comfortable doing so, so Colin said he would pray for both of us. In his prayer, Colin thanked God for the man's strong penis, his handsome thighs, his broad chest, his attractive pubic hair, his fleshy balls, and (again) his firm erection." "For me, this was rather sacrilegious and made me uncomfortable. Then he hugged me, and let me feel his erection." "Colin rubbed my neck and whispered pleasant words to me about how I could overcome this porn."
Phone sex:
The tapes of the phone counseling sessions with "Eddy" are full of sex-talk. Cook proves to be especially obsessed with masturbation: he regularly asked Eddy how many times he had masturbated since the last counseling session, and asked for considerable detail concerning how he held his hand, what motions he made and their speed; he asked what Eddy's penis looked like during masturbation, how the orgasms had been, how long they had lasted, how much "cum" he had produced; and he showed unflagging interest in Eddy's fantasies during masturbation. He also took opportunity during these discussions to ask, in great detail, about Eddy's body and to describe his own body, with special focus on the size and shape of both their penises.

From: Rick Cendo, President, GLAIL, CORick@AOL.COM

BOULDER, May 10, 1996 -- Asked what he would do if he had to choose between homosexual promiscuity and same-sex marriage, Will Perkins of Colorado for Family Values said that he would opt for homosexual promiscuity. Perkins also said that The Denver Post had "dropped" the Colin Cook scandal, implying that The Post had erred in reporting that Cook, CFV's former "ex-gay" minister, is continuing his long history of sexually molesting clients under his care. Cook was endorsed, advertised and promoted by CFV last year as a counselor to sexually troubled youth. Although accused by Kevin Tebedo of fabricating the Colin Cook phone-sex tape recordings, The Post has said that it stands by its story.

"Will Perkins continues to show that he's not interested in best interests of society or of children, and that he cares only about promoting his anti-gay political agenda," said Rick Cendo. "If we had a truth-in-advertising law for political groups, Colorado for Family Values would have to rename itself Colorado for Promiscuity and Child-Molesting Ministers."