Monotheism Came First? NOPE!

From: Hector Plasmic
To: Andrew Conner

AC> If the Religion of Adam was the first then where did the
AC> modern[sic] Ideas[sic] of paganism come from?

"It cannot be said for sure that the Hebrews had a common religion during the age of the patriarchs; rather, each tribe probably had its own gods. Some of the newcomers into Palestine accepted Canaanite religious practices and abandoned their old desert religion. But at least some of the tribes gave particular allegieance to the god Yahweh. Yahweh was a powerful and somewhat terrible nature god, capable of caring for the material needs of followers who courted his favor with sacrificial offerings and prayers. The tribes which worshiped Yahweh appear from an early date to have given him their sole allegience, although they did admit that other gods existed. Therefore, prior to 1200 B.C. some of the Hebrews appeared to have developed _monolatry_, that is, the belief in one god for a particular community while recognizing other gods proper to other groups." --- A Short History of Western Civilization, Harrison and Sullivan

The "religion of Adam" didn't develop until Moses came along.

You're debunked.