Fundy frolics

By: Karl Schneider

I just remembered something I caught on the satellite early this morning.

One of the fairly well-known televangelists is Kenneth Copeland. A fairly innocous type, about as dumb as hammered shit, has a wife whose name escapes me at at the moment. Anyway she was the one running the show this a.m. ...Gloria?.. maybe...

It was a nice little anecdote about one of their $$$ contributors who sent in some cash and asked for prayer to help them pay off their mortgage.

A few days later they wrote back and gleefully announced that the bank that held their mortgage had 'lost' all the records, so they didn't have to pay a cent!

Whether or not the story is 'true' is of course beside the point; the suckers who sent money to these characters were supposedly thankful that the ministry apparently got god to fuck the bank.

I love it.