Twenty Naked Pentecostals

"Lonesome Town"
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Audio CD (May 2, 1995)

1. Jimmie Brown Revisited
2. We Go Back A Ways
3. Edge Of Goodbye
4. Lonesome Town
5. Twenty Naked Pentecostals
6. St. Anne's Reel
7. Morpath Rant
8. New York Lawyer
9. I'd Rather Be Lonely
10. Fields Of Pain
11. Welcome To Lonesome
12. His Glory Will Last
13. Little Bessie
14. Polly Anne

Naked preacher accepts gift of rv from god.

Associated Press, VINTON, LA

The preacher who crashed a carload of naked Pentecostals into a tree pleaded guilty Wednesday and was allowed to leave town.

Sammy Rodriguez said the family started out in five cars Aug. 17, with whatever they could toss in to take with them. After four of the cars broke down or ran out of gas, the children went into the trunk, which was braced open with a hangar to let in air.

As the group neared San Antonio, Rodriguez's brother said the Lord had told him that their clothes had been cursed by the devil.

"The word that we had received said that everything that we needed would be provided for us as soon as we reached Louisiana," he said.

When they saw the Vinton KOA Kampground, they drove in thinking the Lord wouldprovide a recreational vehicle filled with all the money, food and clothes they needed to get to Florida. "We pulled up next to an RV thinking it was unoccupied and waiting for us, but people were in it," he said.

That isn't how the RV's owner described the incident to campground owner and Vinton City Councilman Don Dupre, who first reported the group to police.

Dupre said a 14-year-old boy wearing a towel went into a neighbor's recreational vehicle and told the owner, who was in the shower, to leave because God had given the RV to his family. About eight people then started rocking the motor home, Dupre said. She leaned on her horn; her neighbor looked out her window and called Dupre.