Religious Tests For Governmental Office

From: David Worrell
To: David Rice

>DW> Do you have any evidence at all that Andrew is, indeed,
>DW> a person? I had him pegged as a fundy piece of shit,
>DW> but I could be wrong <g>.

DR> Fundies are fully human. Shit one cannot hope to reason
DR> with.

Have you ever successfully reasoned with a fundy?

DR> for continuing to mischaratature Evolutionary Theory. He
DR> =KNOWS= that the things he claims Evolutionary Theory
DR> claims is false.

Of course he does. However, he doesn't have the backbone to recognize facts that clash with his world-view.

Creationists are trying to make inroads here at the University of Tennessee. One of the candidates for student gov't president, Jim Achenbach, says he'd like to see "more tolerance for people's religious beliefs". One of the planks in his platform is that classes required for graduation that are not theory classes specifically provided to teach evolution should not test on evolution. Natural science classes, according to Jim, should be able to teach evolution, or anything else the professor finds appropriate, but should not be able to test on the theory of evolution, since it offends some students with profound religious beliefs.

If, by some strange chance, he succeeds, I'm planning on starting my own anti-calculus religion.

As further evidence of this bozo's lack of critical thinking skills, he feels that since schools with successful basketball programs seat their students at courtside, UT should as well (as opposed to way the hell back in a corner of the arena). Apparently, he thinks this act, in and of itself, will improve the basketball program.