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Subject: hidden truth[sic]

An on-line friend of mine read your post on the Religion board and thought you would be interested in reading this article. Religous matters always interest me and I have more questions each day that I study. Was not the bible translated by uninspired men? So if we are to believe its every word, shouldn't we first go back and study out what these uninspired men have translated? This article puts before you some unpopular view points, nevertheless they are true. I don't want to argue, I just want to understand why we are taught certain doctrines and why we believe them, so please bear with me. If you have an open mind I would like to send you some more info. that does raise much questions on certain teachings. If you are interested e-mail me your mailing address and I will mail some to you.

This is the article mentioned above:

Greetings Friend[sic];

How are you this day, I hope well. I am writing this article to you because you deserve to know the truth, and hopefully you are among a select group of individuals who love to know the truth.

Therefore I'm asking that you please read this article carefully and in its entirety, while searching out the scriptures as they are referred to in this letter, because, believe it or not, it is a matter of life and death. I also ask that you keep an open mind to the vital and true information that is presented in this article. You may or may not know at this time, but there are many religious deceptions in the world today, deceptions that are so close to the truth that one would have to diligently study and search their scriptures in order to identify them. However, there are also many blatant deceptions that one would only need to use the common sense that our Creator has provided for us to figure out.

The Messiah has told us that, not all who believe that they are worshiping properly will enter the Kingdom of Heaven ( see Matt. 7:21-23), because not every one who thinks that they are saved are in fact saved. Yes, it is hard to believe, but it is true. The overwhelming majority of the people who believe that they are worshiping properly and think that they are saved, are not.

The greater majority of the people who will not make it into the kingdom are false prophets. Their many followers, who can't see the truth either, simply because they see the scriptures from the eyes of these false teachers, will soon suffer greatly because of these men and women. These prophets are described in your scriptures as blind leaders, and they are leading their blind followers into a ditch (see Luke 6:39).

This article is being written so that all who hear the words of its proclamation may be able to identify these prophets through their fruits (their deeds and teachings). The Messiah told us that many false prophets would arise in these last days and that they would show many signs and wonders (what appear to be acts of healing; casting out of demons etc.), that if it were possible, these false prophets would fool the very elect people (see Matt. 24:24), and indeed many false prophets have risen in these last days. However, the elect cannot be fooled because they are well informed of the fruits (teachings and works) of these false prophets who are being used by Satan to subtly preach false doctrines to the whole world; and it is my sincere hope that after you have read this article in its entirety that you will be on the track of being an elect, if you are not already. Please feel free at any time to send us your snail-mail address so we may add you to our mailing list.

There are many preachers who claim to have the Holy Spirit, and by all means, this is a very righteous claim, if true. But does everyone who claims to have the Holy Spirit automatically have it? No! So how how are we to identify a false prophet who claims to have the Holy Spirit? Well the Messiah said that we will know them by their fruits (see Matt 7:16). Our Heavenly Father also inspired King David to tell us that the wicked man's (this includes the false preacher's) tongue will turn against him, through his self-incrimination, and all who see the exposure of his self-incrimination (lies) will flee from him (see Psalms 64:8), thus escaping the controlling grasp of the false prophets (self proclaimed wise men), the people will see that their knowledge is foolish, thus making their teachings foolish (see Isa. 44:25).

The Holy Scriptures tell us that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, and that it will lead us into all truth. Therefore, the Holy Spirit will not lead a man to speak scriptural lies and deception because it does not lead to lies and deception, only to the truth. Satan however, is the founder of lies, and those whom this adversary influence speak lies and deception; some knowing exactly what they are doing, and some not having a clue as to why they are doing the things they do . Therefore, please do not marvel if you know someone who fits the false prophet's description, because these people have been cleverly transformed into ministers of righteousness (see 2 Cor. 11:13-15), and many are well respected as leaders of their communities. Remember that the scriptures plainly reveal that those who live righteously as the Messiah will be hated and persecuted by all men as He was, not respected in their communities (see Luke 21:17; Yachanan (John) 4:44; 2 Tim.3:12). However, these false prophets and their deceptions cannot be seen unless one has a discerning spirit which comes only by obeying the Creator (see Acts 5:32), so I would like to point out just a few deceptions that have been prevalent in the religious world that people follow blindly without even questioning their pastors, who may not know themselves that they are preaching deceptions. I also ask that you allow me the opportunity to prove these truths and much more to you through this free booklet program that I am asking you to be a part of today.

A Few Deceptions I Would Like To Point Out!


Did you know that the King James Version of the bible is the most widely used version of the bible today? Did you also know that it is the most mistranslated version of the bible today, having more than 100,000 miss translations and twice as many errors in its NT than in its OT? The reason why our Heavenly Father said in Zeph.3:9 that He would restore to the people a pure language (His true word) of the scriptures is because religious leaders have changed (tampered with) His words (see Yeremyah (Jeremiah) 8:8; Isa. 24:5) in order to manipulate the minds of the people by filtering the truth. This is a very evident in just about every bible today. So which translation of the Holy Scriptures is the most accurate today?

The Resurrection

Did you know that the Messiah did not die on "Good Friday" and rise on "Easter Sunday"? Did you know that "Good Friday" and "Easter Sunday are not even scriptural events, much less holidays? As a matter of fact, only the Creator can make a day or anything else holy. The scriptures tell us that the Messiah died sometime around the 9th hour of the day (9 hours after the sun had risen), this is about 3 P.M. in the afternoon (see Matt. 27:46-50; Mk. 15:34-37; Luke23:44-46), and He was put in the grave near sunset (just before night fell; keep in mind that the Hebrew day begins and ends at sunset (see Luke 23:50-54).

Choosing not to contest the miss translations about His resurrection at this time due to space, please consider the time that He died. One cannot calculate three days and three nights from "Good Friday" to "Easter Sunday" before His resurrection (see Matt. 12:38-40). Friday and Saturday nights are two nights, and Saturday is one day. This is only one day and two nights, what about the other two days and one night? We would like to offer you a free booklet concerning the deception behind the teaching of this false doctrine and why it is taught.


Did you know that Christmas is not the birthday of the Messiah? In fact, Christmas was practiced hundreds of years before the Messiah was even born, by pagan religions (under different names). Christmas is described in the scriptures, but it is condemned by the scriptures as a celebration of the heathens (see Yeremyah (Jeremiah) 10:1-5). The heathens worshipped their gods in this way, and the Creator warns us not to worship Him in the way the heathens worshipped their gods (see Deut. 12:4). So why does most of the Christian world celebrate this holiday today?


Did you know that it is wrong to wear images of a "Christ Head" or to make and have any such images (male or female, saints, Virgin Mary, the Messiah etc.) to worship (see Deut. 4:16; Ex. 20:4)? The Messiah is at this time at the right hand side of our Heavenly Father (see Luke 16:19; Heb.1:3), and we are commanded in Ex. 20:4 not to make any images of anything in heaven to worship or that is worshipped. Those who make images of their god on a cross do not even know what the true Messiah looked like. So why do we see so many crucifixes today?

False Prophets

Did you know that in order for preacher to be one sent (a prophet) by the Creator, and lead His people into righteousness, he must first be spoken (testified; witnessed) of in the scriptures by at least two prophets (see Deut. 19:15; Amos. 3:9; Matt. 18:16; Rom:1:1-2), no later than Yahchanan (John) the Immerser (Baptist)? Because all the prophets that the Creator ordained were prophesied about up until Yahchanan (John) the Immerser (see Matt. 11:13). If a prophet does not meet this criteria, he bears witness of himself, and has come in his own name or authority (see Yachanan (John) 5:31). This criteria was deliberately planned by the Heavenly Father, so that the believers would not be deceived by the many false prophets or messiahs that would rise up, and that they might be saved (see Yachanan (John) 5:31-39)

False Names

I believe you do know that your name is universal? Yes, wherever you go in this world you will retain your name, its spelling and its pronunciation. There may be equivalents to your name in other languages, however, you can only be identified by your name, and you will only answer to your name. For instance: when Bill Clinton visits foreign countries, his name does not change to the equivalent of Bill Clinton in other countries. His name remains Bill Clinton. When he visits Germany, he is not called "Wilhelm", when he visits France he is not called "Guillaume", when he visits Italy he is not called "Gugliemo". His name does not change to "Guillermo" when he goes to Spain, nor does it change to "Willen" when he goes to the Netherlands. I t is always Bill Clinton!

This being a fact, what about a holy name? Should a holy name be changed from language to language if a regular name, which holds no form of reverence is not? Well most people would answer no! What about the Creator's name and the Messiah's name, are these not changed from land to land?

Consider this, Did you know that the letter "j" was not invented until the 14th century, only about 500 years ago, and was not completely in use until the 17th century (see any reliable encyclopedia for this information). Would this mean that the name of the Creator could not possibly be "Jehovah", and the name of the Messiah could not possibly be "Jesus"? Because when the Holy Scriptures were written in its entirety, the letter "j" did not even exist yet. These names are not even Hebrew names, of which the Messiah no doubt was. So if these are not true names, what are the true names of the Creator and His only begotten Son? The Creator does point out in the scriptures that He only had one Name (see Ps. 83:18; Zec.14:9). Furthermore, He never stated that He could be called more than one name, unlike popular teaching states today.

In the Holy Scriptures, we are instructed several times to call upon the Name (singular, never names) of the Creator (see Ps. 80:18; 99:6, 105:1; 116:13 for just a few references). We are also told that only those who call upon, or with His Name will be saved (Yahl (Joel) 2:32; Rom. 10:!3), because, in the Name of the Creator is mankind's help (see Ps. 124:8). Knowing that "Jehovah" cannot possibly be the name of our Heavenly Father, what could it be? What was the name that was intended for mankind to call upon in order to receive help and escape the destruction that is about to engulf the whole world soon?

In the Holy Scriptures we are also told that there is only one name given under heaven in which there is salvation (see Acts 4:12). When this holy name was given whereby man must be saved the letter "j" was not even in use. Jesus has obviously replaced the true proper name in the scriptures. So what was the true name used in the most ancient manuscript of the Holy Scriptures, and where did the name "Jesus" come from, which is not even an English equivalent of the original Hebrew name, come from?

Lord and God are not names of the Creator. In fact, these titles are used to refer to demons in the scriptures including Satan (see Ps. 82:1-8; 2Cor. 4:4). Should we really believe that by just capitalizing the "G" in the word god that this should suffice as a holy name? I don't think so, how about you? So by what name does one call upon our Creator, and be absolutely sure that they are calling on Him alone?

The Mark Of The Beast

Did you know that the overwhelming majority of the people of this world will, and are, at this time, receiving (accepting) the mark of the beast in total ignorance? The scriptures plainly shows that someone causes the people to receive (accept) this mark (see Rev. 13:16). Who is causing the people to receive this mark? What is "the mark of the beast" that people are willingly taking in ignorance today? And how can you avoid this mark?

These are just some of the things that will be revealed to you through this program. Please keep in mind that this is not a campaign to get money, but rather to share the truth. We will not ask you for any monetary obligations at anytime, only that you give us the opportunity to share the truth with you. We would like to send you, free of charge, 25 booklets (3 per month) plus a free subscription of our most informative magazine: "The Prophetic Word Magazine". All you have to do is send us your name and address to the E-mail address below. Our free booklets and "The Prophetic Word Magazine" will expose many deceptive teachings of this religious world, and many truths that have been hidden or ignored for almost two thousand years, while revealing how and why these truths were subtly replaced with deceptions, and blatant lies. These booklets also prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, such things as why prayers are not answered, how to get them answered, the only way that you may save yourself and your family from the destruction that is soon to come upon this whole world, which the preachers today are not preaching and much much more.

We do not ask that you believe what we are saying blindly without proving all things first. We are simply asking you to be part of this free program, read the booklets and judge for yourself, from your own bible, and from proven authoritative sources what is the truth, what is deception, and what is acceptable to your Heavenly Father (see 1Thes. 5:21; Eph, 5:10).

If at all possible, we ask that you please reproduce this article and give a copy to as many friends and family as possible or send us their names so we may mail them a copy. Thank you for your time and interest. We look forward to hearing from you [$$$$] very soon.