Why Pascal's Wager Is Flawed

Of course, you do not know how many Gods there may be to choose from, so believing in only one God may not offer much of an advantage over believing in none. If the odds of winning a lottery are only one in 200 million, is holding one ticket much of an advantage over holding none? It is true that the person holding NO ticket will NEVER win, but the person holding one ticket only has a 1 in 200 million chance of winning.

And what if redeeming this single lottery ticket comes with a lot of special requirements which must be followed your entire life before you can cash in? If you only had a 1 in 200 million chance of winning something would you be willing to alter what most likely is your only real life in such a way to meet the special requirements of winning that lottery? Would you be willing to:

become a total vegetarian?
live in a cave?
bang your head on the ground several times a day?
wear uncomfortable shoes?
shave your pubic hair?
eat raw chicken entrails?
sleep on sharp rocks every night?
The statement "If you believe in God and turn out to be incorrect, you have lost nothing" really doesn't include the loss of wasting your entire life following a false belief. Belief in God rarely comes without strings attached and some of the added requirements are not worth the effort when you consider the odds of getting a payoff. This is especially true if you are not guaranteed that you are believing in the One True God (tm).