E-mail from a disturbed person.

One often gets strange people posting their strange ideas in newsgroups or through e-mail. The following was posted on several Usenet newsgroups. The text in bold is from the person in need of help, while the text in italics is by me.
From: mcab@geocities.com
Subject: Multiple Personality Disorder <Dissociation>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 00:36:21 GMT

This letter is in regards to spiritual "possession". Within the USA, especially, there is presently a explosion of news and television coverage of MPD (multiple personality disorder), better known as Dissociation. The support newsgroup is alt.support.dissociation. The psychiatric community is presently using hypnotism, to summon such embodied entities. The psychiatric professionals are asserting that mpd is caused by trauma, sexual abuse, or even Satanic Ritual Abuse. Of coarse, many of us believe that these entities are, indeed, demons.

An individual who is professionally diagnosed as mpd, is told that their own entities came forth due to trauma or abuse, and are only ego states, or selves. Then, these embodied entities are called forth (by these doctors/therapists), and are suddenly spewing forth tales of shuttering sexual and physical abuse, animal and child sacrafice, and Satanic ritual abuse, which never happened, in many of these cases. Multi-million dollar lawsuits have ensued, and have been won, against these hypnotists (doctors/therapists). Of coarse, then, the mpd patient goes on to hate his/her parents (desolation and isolation), believing these entity claims. Then, of coarse, these entities go on to remove all religious conditioning, by asserting that God does not exist: That if God did exist, that the so-called abuse would have never happened. Yes, if God existed, that he is some evil hateful dictator, to have allowed such abuse / trauma. Of coarse, we christians assert that abuse sometimes happens at the hand of one who is demon possessed, at the time; or, of coarse, that some parents might be bad natured.

People, please help me out here? I was diagnosed as mpd, recently, but I went through an exorcism. The exorcism failed, but I am fairly certain that these are not split-personalities that we are dealing with, here. The fact that these entities refuse to acknowledge God (contrary), or the possibility that demons exist, is what brought me to write you this letter. I feel certain that all of these mpd people are possessed by spirits, and that split-personality does not exist. These alter-personalities are all liars, and thieves, apparently. Please visit the newsgroup "alt.support.dissociation", and please decide for yourself. Please let your hearts lead you; and God; of coarse. We, god's people, have an obligation, here. Please visit this newsgroup, and please decide for yourselves.


Dear stupid shit.

Please get real help, such as psychopharmacology and perhaps a few months of institutionalization. While I am not a doctor, it seems to me that you are in desperate need of help if you actually believe there are "demons" that "posess" people.

As for the "Satanic Ritual Abuse" lie, this is an urban legend. See http://page.net999.com/shydavid/satan.htm for the facts.

May your Karma soon return to you, seven fold! I am taking medication, for your info. The post was mean to see if it might cause activists, against such "split-personality theory". The whole thing is just triggering as hell, to me. Did you even read the post. Well, besides my own condition?


Your message (above) is disjointed and incohearant, and totally gramatically flawed. One cannot understand what it is you are trying to say.

Maybe you should ask your physician to increase the dosage.