Extremists using biblical inerrancy dogmas have trained followers to inculcate and legislate their religion upon the rest of us. The practice of witholding relevant information until the victim has been won over by emotional ploys or an orchestrated conversion experience is unconscionable. Followers of extremist religions have been trained to use stealth and emotinoal manipulation to recruit others. Initial representations are designed to conceal and attract. Therefore it becomes essential to ask specific questions before undergoing any indoctrination process.

* Is this social invitation the first step to religious recruitment?

* If you are non-denominational, where can I learn about your specific doctrines and practices?

* Is important information and unique aspects of your religion revealed to newcomers?

* Do you hold fundamentalism's key dogma of biblical inerrancy?

* Do you teach a harmonized creation story as factual or that Genesis 1 and 2 contain two myths with different sequences and reasons?

* Do you teach that Leviticus 11:6 and Deuteronomy 14:7, which portray God saying that hares chew their cud, reflect the biblical writer's perceptions or that this is scientifically accurate?

* Leviticus 26:22,29, Psalm 137:9, and Isaiah 13:9-18 portray God as promoting the slaughter of babies. Do you regard that to be divine justice or indications of the morals of the writer's time?

* Do you teach that God gave the regulations in Deuteronomy 21:10-14 for using beautiful virgins as war booty for victorious warriors?

* Do you teach that God wants disobedient children to be beaten with rods because it says so in Proverbs 19:18, 22:15, 23:13-14?

* In general, do you uphold the belief in a just and righteous God, or an infallible Bible, to be your highest value?

* Do you in any way promote the notion that the Holocaust didn't occur or that Hitler was God's punishment upon unconverted Jews?

* Do you teach that God is going to punish people with everlasting torment if they have the wrong religion?

* Do you treat passages from Revelation and other scriptures in a literal manner to teach nuclear armageddon as God's final agenda?

* Do you want to legislate your religious views into laws for others?