Real True Christians(tm)(r)(c) Run The USA

From: George Erdner To: Tim Hutzler

MN> umm, many religious people are funny like that. Especially
MN> when somebody tries to tell them they can't run the
MN> country....

TH> Virtually every one of the fifty-five writers and
TH> signers of the United States Constitution of 1787
TH> were members of Christian denominations: 29 were Anglicans,
TH> 18 were Calvinists, 2 were Methodists, 2 were Lutherans,
TH> 2 were Roman Catholic, one lapsed Quaker and sometimes
TH> Anglical, and one open diest (Franklin) who attended
TH> every kind of Christian worship, called for public
TH> prayer, and contributed to all denominations.

According to your own posts some time back, the only "real" Christians are born-again fundamentalists. According to your posts, the Church of Rome is not a "real" Christian church.

And don't give me a "Richard Nixon" defense that if I didn't save your exact quote from one of your posts from months ago, that means that you didn't say it. Everyone who participated in this conference read your words and recalls your position on this issue.

It's also funny how the fundies accept people as being "Christian" if they were nominal members of a denomination, even if their fell away from that faith in the latter years of their life when it comes to claiming that the Founding Fathers were Christians, yet refuse to include former Christians in the roster of Christians when it suits them.

The fact is, for many of the Founding Fathers, identification of their particular Christian denomination merely describes which church they stayed home from on Sunday mornings.

TH> Christians were 'running' this country *long* before
TH> you were around, my friend. So, sure, many religious
TH> people *do* get 'funny like that' when folks like
TH> you say such silly things like the above. [grin]

We also get "funny" when fundies make up different critieria for describing who is and is not a Christian to suit their needs at the time.