Rally For Reason Or A Freethought Week.

Freethought Week: Oct 8-15

Press Release

From the national Freedom from Religion Foundation and the San Antonio Secular Humanist Association

San Antonio contact: Catherine Fahringer
voice: (210) 824-5061
Fax: (210) 690-1373

October 7, 1994

There have been marches for Jesus and proclamations of prayer and bible reading, but there has never been a RALLY FOR REASON or a FREETHOUGHT WEEK.

Governor Ann Richards of Texas and Mayor Nelson Wolff of San Antonio have both proclaimed October 8-15 to be FREETHOUGHT WEEK!

A RALLY FOR REASON will be held at Main Plaza Park on Saturday, October 8 (the first day of FREETHOUGHT WEEK) from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in San Antonio, Texas. There will be other rallies in various cities around the country. The mayors of Cincinnati and Philadelphia have also proclaimed Oct. 8-15 FREETHOUGHT WEEK. The year 2000 is being targeted for a national RALLY FOR REASON in Washington, D.C.