Statement of the US$15.00 God Rice Challange

Statement of the US$15.00 God Rice Challange, first offered June, 1991.
   Q: What is the "$15.00 God Challenge?"

   A: David Rice will give US$15.00 to anyone who can prove He
      isn't God. Previous attempts have failed miserably, as
      contestants assume that He must perform some miracle for
      them, which would be Him proving He is God, and not them
      proving He is not. Stated hereby, David Rice is God All-
      Mighty, Creator and Ruler of the Universe both Known and
      Unknown, He Whom created all Life on Earth and Everywhere
      Else, He Whom put forth His Mighty Hand and brought into
      Beingness the Stars, the Planets, the Vacuum, and every
      other Bloody Thing one can Imagine (and many things one
      cannot). Prove David Rice is not Whom he says He is, and
      you shalt receive US$15.00 post haste.