Education -Is- Illegal I

From: Karen Davis
To: Kevin Clark

>KC> Its too bad that schools indoctinate humanism into
>KC> every student right now.

KC> Don't believe me? What do they teach? Evolution?
KC> That's a tennet of humanism (read the Humanist Manifesto).
KC> They teach the wonderfulness of the United Nations
KC> and the coming one-world government (again, read both
KC> Manifestos). Ammorality? When was the last time a
KC> teacher was allowed to tell a student the difference
KC> between right and wrong? Self-autonomous man? Yep,
KC> ethics are taught as situational, making man the last
KC> measure of right and wrong. Atheism? God is taught
KC> as non-existent, even though the school isn't supposed
KC> to say anything either way.

Schools *don't* say anything either way, or actually err on the side of Christianity. I've seen teachers say "let's not kill that bug, it's one of God's creatures" and were correctly not scolded. I occasionally take the easy way out when kids ask me why I'm so short and say "that's the way god made me." Never been scolded for that yet.

The UN is not deified in the schools, but the conservinazis want any good they've done taken out of textbooks though it is factual.

Evolution is good, valid science. It may be easily accepted by humanists because it meets their requirements of evidence, but it is also believed by many many people from all religious beliefs because it is science. I'm sorry it is so hard for a small minority to accept this. At some point they have to take responsibility for the fact that they take a religious view voluntarily in opposition to scientific fact.

As to right and wrong, please visit my classrooms sometime. Or any classroom. We may not tell kids "don't hit Johnny because God doesn't want you to" but we certainly teach them that hitting is wrong. You'll have seen me hold a class in for recess because something was stolen from one of the children - I didn't say "we don't steal because God doesn't want us to steal" I say "do you really want to be in a class where your things aren't safe?" and use enlightened self interest and group dynamics to get the stolen thing returned. Guess what? Hitting and stealing happen very rarely in my classes. Kids understand what is right and wrong, though I don't invoke god. I use the concept of enlightened self interest and explain the *real* reasons why we don't do things, I don't need to invoke God.

What is objected to is that we don't deal in the specific morals that are appropriately the domain of the parents. We don't spend time preaching about how evil homosexuality is. We don't spend time preaching about how evil pre marital sex is. These things are NOT evil, they are simply problematic. We don't teach that the UN is the Devil's mostly because *most* people with two connected can accept the good it has done. I am aware people think there's a connection to Revelations, but my question is this: if something is a prophecy, and is bound to come true, why fight it?