"Pat" Robertson's Christian Coalition Aims For Power

From Church & State magizine, June 1991

Pat Robertson's political action organization, the Christian Coalition, has formed 125 chapters in 43 states, according to the group's executive director.

In a recent membership recruitment letter, Ralph Reed Jr. said the group, founded by Robertson in 1989, intends to restore the greatness of America "through a return to moral strength."

We are a coalition of pro-family Catholics and Evangelicals working together to promote Bibical values in politics and public policy," Reed said.

In a copy of the group's magazine, The Christian American, Reed said the coalition's 10 year plan intends to make it "the most powerful political organization of its kind by the year 2000."

The newspaper said a national briefing for state affiliates in Washington D.C. eariler this year featured speakers such as Republican stategist Morton Blackwell, Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation, Gary Bauer of James Dobson's Family Research Council and Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum.

Among the topics covered was "how to target resources effectively for the all important 1992 election cycle."

The organization focuses on a variety of social issues. A recent fund raising letter featured a strong endorsement by Robertson of education vouchers for parochial and other private schools.