Howcum your idiot god didn't make sex an annoying chore?

from Jan deBoer
to Jim Staal

On 09 May 97 19:51:33 Jim Staal wrote to Ken Young...

JS> Sounds like you are on the right track here, Ken.
JS> I would amend one thing: homosexuals who don't rubber
JS> stamp their acts as OK, but rather acknowlege them
JS> as sin, renounce them and repent from them might quite
JS> possibly be Christians. It is, after all, the sin
JS> of fornication we are talking about here, not merely
JS> a state of mind, perhaps unavoidable by the afflicted
JS> soul.

Howcum your idiot god didn't make sex an annoying chore, like brushing your teeth, instead of so much fun? Then we wouldn't have all these problems and concerns, because all those who thought they could get away WITHOUT doing it, wouldn't.

If I can think of that, why couldn't your infallible idiot god?

And, uh, if sex is such a big deal, why only the concern with human sex? After all, animal sex is the same penises, testes, ovaries, sperm, gism, thrusting, messy business. How come it's perfectly ok for "anything goes" in the animal kingdom, huh?

Howcum it's eternal punishment for holding soemone's dick, but nary a peep outta you concerned christians over the fifty thousand refugees butchered in Africa last week?

Howcome all eternity revolves around the genitals in your mind?