Human Evil / Cruelty

From: David Johnston
To: Amon Goeth

Sir. You are record as not believing in the Holocause because "a man could not be so cruel to another man". Would it assist you if I mentioned some similar amusements?

1. In a religious purge in Israel, pagans were dealt with by announcing a great Baal worship service, then barring the doors of temple and killing all those inside.

2. Julius Ceasar once made an object lesson of a town by cutting off the right hand of every man in town.

3. The Assyrians and Mongols both responded to rebellions with a policy of killing every man, woman and child in the city in question.

4. The Stalinists slaughtered millions of recalcitrant peasants, mainly by starvation. However there are a couple of recorded instances where people were killed by firing squad in the 10s of thousands.

5. The Khmer Rouge killed perhaps as much as a quarter of the total population of Cambodia in their vicious reign.

6. In Newfoundland, early in the history of Canadian colonisation, it was a local sport to hunt the Beothuks, one of the most nonviolent and inoffensive cultures in history, and they were killed to the last woman and child, several thousand in all killed for nothing except the amusement of the invading Europeans.

What makes the Holocaust so implausible?