Marty Leipzig Debunks The "They Found Sodom And Ghmorra" Lie.

By: Marty Leipzig
To: DANIEL Wilks

DW> An intresting point I will bring up though Sodom and
DW> Ghmorra were both destoyed by a volcanic style of
DW> eruption and this was proven by the cities exavation.

You fundies are just so comical when you try and venture into the realm of science. Hope you're hat's on tight, because your head's going to be handed to you with it on it.

DW> However, there were no active volcanoes in the area
DW> at the time

There are no active volcanoes (or dormant one, for that matter) in the area, period. The nearest volcanically active area is well over 1,000 km distant.

DW> and the volcanic dust has a high concentration of
DW> cosmic dust in it.

OK, tweedles. Care to tell this Geologist just what is the discerning factors between volcanic "dust" and "cosmic" dust? Does it have to do with grain size, primary particle morphology, valence states, elemental composition, what?

DW> A little mystery behind what caused that and why it
DW> is only found in thoes two areas.

The bigger mystery is just what "it" is and why you're so gullible.

DW> It resembles a nuclear explosion from looking at
DW> the site

Says who? Ever seen one (here's a gasser: I have)?

DW> or possibly an large metor made it to ground and
DW> detonated spraying out molten fragments.

Where's the impact crater? The Middle East (I'm living here now, dimwit) climatically resembles the site of the Barringer Crater in Arizona. That crater is remarkably well preserved and is just over 25,000 YBP in age. You're talking of a hypervelocity bolide impact just some mere 2,500 or so YBP. Where's the crater? Where's the shatter cones? Where's the ejecta blanket?

This region is perhaps one of the most intensely studied areas on Earth, due to it's oil richness. There's been (an continues to be) more seismic data shot here than any place on Earth, save and except for the Gulf of Mexico.

I just so happen to be a petroleum geologist working and living in the area.

Care to carry on or admit you're spewing bullshit like a busted barnyard shitpipe?

> That would explain the Earthquake,

Where's the fault zone? Where's the transpressional stress regimes that would be remnant from such an impact? Where's the mylonite from such a quake?

DW> fire from the sky and burning hailstones recorded
DW> in the Biblical account.

Where's the soot layer in the stratigraphic record? Where are the tektites?

DW> Also it would explain why Lot seemed to recive intuition
DW> about the comming event through the two strangers
DW> whom could have been stargazers at the time?

I've seen some real wild-assed assgrabbing in this forum over the years, but this one just takes the prize as being the most idiotically inane.

Don't like that assessment? Provide evidence otherwise.