Christianity Is Evil

From: jonny vee
To: Jon Phipps

> The only form of releigion that is evil is that pseudo-cristianity
> spawned by satan.

So you're not bugged about, say, the pseudo-satanism that is spawned by heavy- metal kidz, right?

> Due to the fact that this is a debate echo I would
> appreciate it if you could watch you foul mouth.

Due to the fact that this is a debate echo, I would appreciate it if you could watch your foul spelling, punctuation, and grammar. And I don't type with my mouth, you microcephalic cretin.

> I dont need to see your kind of pre-teen semi-human garbage
> mouthed wording in every second message.

I don't need to see your kind of pre-school, semi-literate excretions in every single line.

> If you vocabulary is so small that you need that
> amount of swaring to complete a sentence the I
> strongly suggest that you SHUT UP.

If your mastery of simple, easy-to spell words is so diminutive that you need commit so many errors in a short paragraph, I strongly suggest you keep a dictionary by your console and consult it regularly before you swing your supercilious posterior into the saddle of your high horse and have the temerity to judge my vocabulary.

My communications skills are sufficient to spell `religion', `christianity', `your', `don't', `your' (again), and `swearing' correctly, and I am able to avoid the abominable sentence constructions that infest your message quoted above. Furthermore, I don't see a single word in your message that was not in my vocabulary by the age of six or seven, except that I probably never saw the word "pseudo-christian" until I got older and started reading the pious, puerile purgations of the pusillanimous parsons who apparently share a "releigion" with you.

Unless you have more than the usual fundie quorum of neurons still sparking, you probably won't comprehend this, but the traditional insistence that so- called "profanity" is the sole realm of the inarticulate is irredeemably flawed. Not only is it true that some of those who use what you consider foul language are in fact intelligent and articulate, but your very own post quoted above is a clear demonstration that some of those who refrain from using what you consider foul language are rather limited themselves, not only in vocabulary but also in spelling, punctuation, and useage.

If and when the moderator of this echo or his duly selected agent or successor requires me to confine my vocabulary to words that will not offend your tender eyes, I will either comply or depart the echo. In the meantime, you can take your petulant demands for prior restraint of my expression and thrust them back through your anal orifice, with the greatest longitudinal dimension aligned perpendicular to the axis of insertion.

j fucking v