Unwanted Children vs Not Producing Them In The First Place

from: Robert Jackson
to: Ken Young

KY> Yeah, sure..[sic] We love death. Yet we aren't the
KY> ones that generally are so happy that abortion is
KY> legal, are we?
KY> Also, not all Christians are for the death penalty.
KY> I am, but that is because I say the punishment should
KY> fit the crime. Kill and be killed..[sic]

Exactly. You'd much rather crowd us with an extra two million children be born each year, to girls and women who, either through low self-esteem or drug-abuse bring forth children with no family structure. That way, the babies will grow up in under-funded and incompetent state facilities where they learn cruelty as the fast- track to self-esteem, when they can go out at the age of 18 and start a career in brutality in the big bad world...

THEN you can try 'em for murder and fry the little thugs with a clean conscience! Hey, it was their choice, they brought it on themselves. That's why God gave 'em free will, isn't it?