Marion "Pat" Robertson Hates His Wife

From: Marilyn Burge

Sarah, there's a book called Salvation for Sale, by Thomas Gerard Straub that will tell you more than you ever want to know about Pat Robertson. Straub was his Producer for a period of time, until Robertson fired him (as he did many others; you could get the axe for telling Robertson he was wrong about something, for getting caught having a glass of wine with dinner, for, well, just about anything).

Robertson at one time had a dream of living in the White House. We can thank our lucky stars that our national insanity didn't extend beyond Reagan, believe me! When Robertson's wife was in the last stages of pregnancy with her second child, Pat got an order from God to go into the wilderness of Canada and do some "soul searching." Even though Dede had a toddler in the house and was bigger than a house, and despite her pleas for him to stay here at home, he left for Canada. She wrote him several letters begging him to come home, but he was certain that the Devil had tempted Dede to write the letters, just as he had tempted Eve to talk Adam into eating the apple. Dede, with a toddler to look after, a baby on the way any second, and in a state of emotional turmoil from her husband's decision, was also faced with moving the family into a new house. He stuck it out until after the new baby was born and the move was completed.

Oh yeah. Did I mention that Robertson is big on "family values" in his sermons?