Another Doctor Shot Dead By A Christian

By Joseph Max

Just so people here have a chance to share in some of the research I've subjected myself to in order to form an opinion on how "dangerous" the threat of aggressive action by Fundimental bigots against any who are not one of their "saved", I submit the results of a mere days research in the Berkekly Public Library. This is in response to J.S. Pereira's question of my "credentials" to comment on this issue.

Keep in mind that yesterday another doctor was shot dead in Florida by a former Fundie Xtian minister who was doing "the work of God" outside an abortion clinic in Pensicola. How long before Pagans, WIccans and other occultists are in their gunsights...?

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There's LOTS more, but these are the most recent. Read 'em and wake up, people...