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Religion Items in the News - July 7, 1999 (Vol. 3, Issue 94)


1.		Branch Davidian Suit Will Continue
2.		AUM dishing out awards to top cult recruiters (2 - 6: Aum Shinrikyo)
3.		Manager arrested as cops raid AUM facilities
4.		Japanese Cops Storm PC Maker
5.		Adachi folks demand AUM eviction
6.		Japan Cult Cites Persecution
7.		Coalition bid with New Komeito frays LDP -  Anti-Soka Gakkai
		religious groups warn against plan
8.		Bart: Defenders of the faith should stand at ease (Scientology)
9.		Did Variety bow to Scientologists?
10.	France OKs Scientology Acquittals
11.	France Upholds Ruling on Scientology
12.	Scientology Loses Swiss Appeal
13.	Federal Court snubs Scientology
14.	The Scientology Network and the Real Estate Market
15.	Since you asked... (Scientology/Others)
16.	Dark side of Krishna
17.	Midwest Gun Spree Suspect is Dead (17 - 22: World Church of the
18.	A 'religion for, by sociopaths'
19.	Racist group calls gunman a martyr
20.	Hate group honored gunman for his abilities as a recruiter
21.	Behind the Hate: A Racist 'Church' Linked to Violent Plots and
22.	Rich kid turned violent racist
23.	Cult leader: praise the Lord and pass the malnutrition (MMM)
24.	Piecemakers given 20 days to resubmit claim
25.	Where Aliens Aren't A Foreign Concept (UFOs)
26.	Nuwaubian cult pledges cooperation in Georgia zoning dispute
27.	This month is defining moment for Nostradamus' predictions
28.	Apocalypse Now --- or Maybe Later?
29.	Wiccan Wins Right to Wed Coven Couples
30.	Pagan Leaders Champion Religious Freedom in Military
31.	Religious Pluralism Is Newest Theater For Military Action
32.	Christian, Indian Beliefs Blended
33.	Blessing that created waves at surf contest ("traditional healers")
34.	Klan presses for rally permit
35.	Aryan Nations members, demonstrators scuffle in Idaho
36.	United Nation of Islam celebrates success in KCK (*not* NOI)
37.	Hasidic Outpost In D.C. (Lubavitch)
38.	Boy Who Refused Cancer Treatment Dies in Saskatchewan
39.	Court rejects therapist's religious-freedom appeal
40.	Churches in conflict over inclusion of gays
41.	Mormons now target California (political lobbying)
42.	Evangelicals take issue with rivals (Bill McKeever)
43.	A 4-Year Spiritual Milestone (Pensacola/Brownsville)

===	Noted
44.	Return of the Swami (Self-Realization Fellowship)
45.	Evangelical groups have revival plans for their millennium
46.	Some say Masons designed D.C.
47.	Falwell continues to play the fool, media the messenger

===	Official Reports on Cults
48.	Swiss National Assembly's Report on Cults

===	 Books
49.	Two books offer insights into Americans' search for spirituality
50.	Controversial pastor's book explores prayer life of Jesus (Taussig)
51.	Scholar shakes up beliefs on Jesus, Bible (Pilch)

===	Internet
52.	Ministry hopes to show second coming on the Web

===	The Church Around The Corner
53.	Ultra-Orthodox throw tear gas, garbage at secular drivers
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