The liar Laurie Appleton
Date: 07-12-98
From: Jason Harmon
To: Laurie Appleton

LA> Appleton denies the charge totally, but understands that LA> most evolutionists (and apparently yourself included!) are

I have absolutely no desire to carry on a conversation with you, Appleton. There are many other people in this echo more well versed in evolutionary theory then I am. They can do a better job at tearing apart your lies.

You definately must have some psychological hangup that allows you to lie in every single one of your hopelessly formulaic postings. Out-of-context, misleading quotes are as much a part of your repertoire as your somewhat odd custom of ending 95% of your sentences with exclamation marks. The image one gets from this is of a grinning lunatic yelling at the sky, asking it to turn into mauve polka dots.

You are repugnant and beyond saving. You refuse to face any truths, either about science or even your own statements. Your failure to respond to your own words about walking on Mt. St. Helens with President Harry Truman has etched your name in the history of this echo.

I do not read messages to you and rarely read any to you. As a source of amusement, you are severely lacking. You lack originality, making the same previously-blown-apart statements over over and over. At least Ken Young has a small amount of unpredictablity in his rantings. You have none. You are hardly even inventive enough to be deemed a pathological liar. You are merely a mouthpiece for Gish and Morris, an automated "Revised Quote Book." Nothing more.