Mithraism: Reading list

From: Simon Ewins
To: Paul Dry 02-Jul-93 11:41am

Thus spake Paul Dry to Simon Ewins:

SE> Mithras was one of the biggest at the time and the early christians
SE> borrowed very heavily from his myths. Mithraism believed in the
SE> immortality of the soul, a future judgement, the resurrection of the
SE> dead and the second coming of Mithras himself who would then battle
SE> and defeat the principles of evil. He was born in a grotto, cave or
SE> stable, shepherds attended his birth and brought him gifts. Baptism
SE> and communion were important aspects of Mithraism. The Mithraic communion
SE> ritual involved these words: "He who shall not eat of my body nor drink
SE> of my blood so that he may be one with me and I with him shall not be
SE> saved."

PD> Please fill us in on a source to verify these statements.

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 Main entry:     Walters, Vivienne J.
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 Imprint:        Leiden : Brill, 1974.
 LCCN:              75312425
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>..... end .....<

There, that should keep you going for a day or two. I have more
technical references that I can point you to, if you are
interested. Let me know and I will be only to glad to help.

I will warn you, though, that an in depth and detailed study of
Mithraism will cast some rather grave doubts upon the veracity
of Pauline Christianity.