Three Great Americans are Dead

Re: ABC News, July 22, 1999

Madalyn O'Hair, John Murray, and Robin O'Hair are very probably dead, killed at the hands of David Waters and Gary P. Karr (with the possible help of Danny Fry). Danny Fry ended up in a mud bog with his head and fingers cut off, while the O'Hairs ended up in three large plastic barrels in a self-storage garage in Texas for a few days. David Waters and Gary Karr were found with a bow saw (presumably to cut up the bodies) and a few of the gold coins John O'Hair had purchased a few days before he disappeared.

Questions that are still unknown are: why did the O'Hairs relocate US$612,000 to a bank in New Zealand; why did John O'Hair convert US$500,000 of that money into gold coins; where are the barrels with the O'Hairs currently located?

It appears that one of the O'Hairs (probably Madalyn) may have been kidnapped, and the gold was the ransom. It is also possible that John O'Hair was being conned by Danny Fry in an investment scam, which David Waters controlled behind the scenes (David Waters, when he was 17 years old, brutally murdered his mother, chopped up her body, and pissed on her dead face--- a nice guy--- and the O'Hairs were afraid of him). Personally I hope that the kidnapping scenario is the correct one, as I cannot imagine why else the American Atheist money ended up in New Zealand other than the O'Hairs intention of stealing it.

Some speculation: Perhaps Danny Fry told the O'Hairs that David Waters was out to kill them; perhaps the O'Hairs decided to hide from him in New Zealand. Perhaps Fry told the O'Hairs that he would hire a hit-man (Karr) to kill Waters, and told them that the hit-man demanded gold. But it seems to me that killing someone costs a whole lot less than half-a-million dollars. Since the O'Hairs were atheists, it seems highly unlikely that they would be party to murder (that's more a Christian activity).

The earlier suggestions that the O'Hairs had been murdered by Fundamentalist Christians appears to have been wrong.

I consider Ms. O'Hair one of the truly great Americans, along side Jefferson, Madison, Paine, Ingersoll, and many others who fought for religious freedom and liberty. That she had a foul mouth and was abusive does not detract from the great (and mostly thankless) service to the country that she performed. The world was a much better place with her having been in it.