Letter to Rep. Ron Packard
Rep Ron Packard
221 East Vista Way, Suite 205
Vista, California

July 11, 1998CE

Iíve received your form letter of June 12, 1998CE. You must be either incredibly stupid or incredibly naÔve. The third alternative, that you are merely a political animal who will claim to believe anything that gets the most votes, is a conclusion more insulting than the other two, so I wonít consider it.

The proposed amendment to the Constitution is not necessary. We already have such an amendment: it is called "The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America." (Perhaps youíve heard of it?) Each citizen already has the right to (quoting from your form letter) "acknowledge god according to their own dictates of conscience." Each student in public school already has the right to pray in public school. Your form letter LIED when it claims the proposed amendment would "restore" student-sponsored prayer in public schools: that right already exists! How is the proposed Amendment supposed to "restore" that which is already in place?! A student already has the right to pray on public school; any time she or he pleases. That right is in no danger of being infringed upon.

Your support of the proposed Amendment is abhorrent to every citizen who cherishes religious liberty. CITIZENS DONíT WANT GOVERNMENT FUCKING WITH RELIGION. The proposed Amendment is just one more act of Big Government putting its nose in where it does not belong.

Have enough decency to be ashamed, Mister Representative.