Promise Keepers Cult

>First of all I understand a whole lot more than you
>do and what you think I do.

I see no evidence of this.

>Rice's group by your own definition qualifies as a

A "cult" is any group of two or more people who share a common religious ideology or rituals. Since "Rice's group" is not a religious one, the word "cult" does not apply.

>Second, no one accused you or Rice of being a
>homosexual that is your own words or admission just
>as incorrect as you assumed I was a Promise Keeper.

No one to my memory claimed you belonged to the Promise Keepers cult.

>According to the official definition of cult, it is
>not limited to any group connected with a specific

The word "cult" MEANS "religion." The two words are synonymous.

>Nazism was not a religion even though some
>was included it was a group of political thugs who
>shared common beliefs, rituals, and etc.

Naziism was and is not a cult, even though it was and is based upon Christian and Teutonic mythology (the God-granted status of the "superior race"). We were discussing the Promise Keeper cult, not Nazi fascism.

>Rice's common ritual is for you people to get on the
>internet and spue out your vomit.

"Spew," I suppose you mean.

You are being not only blasphemous for reducing religion to what you believe to be a low level: Fredric et al is just pointing out the facts of life--- no religion, no ritual, nothing that any sane, rational human being could conceive as a religion (i.e. cult).

Do try to keep up.

>In answer to your accusations about Christians, all
>do not abuse their families, beat their wives or
>kids, the more Godly they are they more they beat
>shows how really ignorant you and your bunch are.

No one claims that all Christians beat their spouses. I memerly pointed out the fact that your claim that the Promise Keepers cult is somehow good for women and children: history has shows the exact opposite. The more religion a man has, the more violent he is towards women and children. This is true not only with religion, but alcohol as well.

>What are you smoking dope?

Do you realize how foolish you appear when you try to attack me instead of defending your false assertions?

>How did you get here without traditional male or
>female roles? I guess you would have come out
>someone's rear end! That is against nature itself
>aand people who practice such are by definition

You are becomming hysterical. Please take a deep breath, count to fifteen, consume whatever pills the good doctor has prescribed, and try again.

>Homosexuals are dangerous to children because they do
>not stop their perversion with themselves.

I asked you for some reasons why homosexuals are dangerous to children. I didn't ask for you to merely repeat your unsupported claims.

>They try through their belief to UnChristianize
>people distort ideals in the minds of innocent
>children, and statistics show that children are as
>vulnerable to being drawn in to homosexuality by such
>people as they are any other sexual danger. I sure
>don't want them teaching my children or grandchildren
>any more than I do a pedafile or heterosexual

"Pedafile?" Humm. I thought I was discussing with an adult, not some teen-ager.

Homosexuals do not "draw" children. Children are born heterosexual or homosexual, with some sexual socilization mixed in. Maybe that's where your confusion derives.

Now then. Perhaps you can get on with explaining how it is that homosexuals are "dangerous to children." I appreciate any facts from you on this.

>And there are other sins than sexual sins. The list
>is huge. I tried to send you some other emails and
>they could not get through. And let 's get something
>else straight, I don't hate you, I assume your
>brother, Worrell either, I hate your positions, your
>insolence, and manner of attacking Christians in
>general. We all have sinned and come short of the
>glory or holiness of God. God hates all sin
>regardless of the degree. I don't know what has made
>you and your buddies so full of venom, hatred, and
>disdain for Chirstian people unless your family or
>parents treated you some bad manner. If so, I am
>sorry for you. That is not the way I was raised nor
>did I raise my children.

Since sin does not exist, you're blowing smoke out your ass. Why do you not stick to the subject: the danger that the Promise Keepers cult poses for women and children in Ameerica.

>I was raised in a home of loving Christian people who
>many times gave others things when they had need

So was Ted Bundy. So was Jeffry Dahlmer. Both raised by Fundamentalist Christians, washed in the blood of Jesus Christ their Savior; both whom walked through the fire and achived the Gifts of the Spirit. Yet they butched boys and young women. Being raised in "a home of loving Christians" is meaningless.

>I had one of the happiest homes a kid could have
>growing up and we didn't sit around saying Praise the
>Lord all day. I also saw first handed my family
>receive miracles from death blows, and no doctors
>could do anything about it and they acknowledged that
>had seen a miracle from God. My family wasn't greased
>or pushed on the floor. We found my grandmother on
>her floor unconscious. We hadn't noticed her color,
>weight loss, and loss of appetite. We were shocked
>when 3 different doctors told us she was in the last
>stages of leukemia. They ran more tests on her than
>one could imagine. My wife and I went in to her room
>and said a simple prayer. She was healed instantly
>and the disease disappeared. Her color came back
>along with her appetite and all 3 doctors
>acknowledged the miracle from God. One was Jewish.

Golly. I saw first hand the miracle of Santa Claus. One Yule I wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking for a bicycle, and lo, a week later Santa brought one to me! And this was witnessed by a dozen people. One was black.

>My mother was feeling discomfort in her abdomen and
>we all couldn't believe she had a tumor. She went up
>for prayer in church and everyone gathered around her
>and prayed for her. The tumor was on the presurgery
>xrays. When she went to the hospital the next day she
>was given presurgery tests and the doctors on her
>case were mystified because the tumor had completely
>disappeared, it was on the other xrays and gone on
>this set and she had taken no medication.
>My aunt was rushed to the hospital with a severe
>heart attack. Her main artery had collapsed and her
>heart was essentially convulging. The doctors did all
>they could for 3 plus hours to save her. And if you
>understand anything about the laws of physics, it was
>impossible to reinflate the artery. My mother
>extended her hand in prayer while 4 doctors stood
>helplessly by and saw it reinflate on its own. One
>was a Greek, another Jewish. Neither were Christians
>and decried they had seen a miracle from God first
>This is the kind of stuff David that can happen to

And atheits. And Pagans. And Muslims. And Satanists. And Taoists, And Hindus.

Now then. About your claims that the Promise Keepers cult is not a cult. If they are not, why does McCarthy say that they are?

As for your claims about homosexuals being a danger to children, where is your evidence?

>I saw it firsthanded. As I have many others who have
>complete documentation for proof.

I have a friend, whom I meet in Colorado every year, who prayed to Odin over the failing health of his obease wife. His prayers to Odin were heard, bcause her health instaling started to improve, and her weight has started to decrease. I saw it first-hand, just as many others did.

So. When are you going to start praying to Odin? Or will you be a HYPOCRITE?

>All the nonsense spewed out by you and your buddies
>isn't going to change things like this one iota, it
>just shows others how completely foolish, unyielding,
>and insolent you people are.

That's just another baseless claim. Why don't you produce some EVIDENCE instead of mere assertions?

>I am not a perfect christian and don't claim to be,
>but when I see and hear people like you put down
>people like this, I want to come and pound some sense
>in to your head.

Calm down, take another thorazine, and try to get a hold on your hysterical behavior.

Now then. Present some evidence that your beliefs are correct, and Fredric's (et al) statements are not valid.

>You people are treading on soft ground. God's fuse
>and mercy is far greater than mine, He has more
>capacity than I do, but when people like you
>denegrate the faith of people like my family, any red
>blooded person wants to take their fist and shove it
>in your face. Because at least we can see our wrong.

Your silly threats are as meaningful to me as are threats of the booy-man and being sent to bed without a cookie. Baseless. Ignorant. Amusing, like threats from a child.

>You people are so filled with your ownselves it will
>take some act of God to bring you to your knees
>before you will ever learn not to blaspheme.

You are quite right: it WILL take an act of the gods. Why do they not show themselves? Until they do, why believe they exist?

>Perhaps God knows your life better than I do and you
>have reasons for spewing out your vomit. Believe it
>or not, I have had close friends who were homosexual
>that were loving, caring, people who would never
>molest children, kept their lifestyle to themselves
>and certainly didn't carry on and act inhuman like I
>have seen in your webpages. I would never berate them
>over the actions of other brazen, God hating,
>homosexual blasphemers, because they don't all act
>like that any more than do all Christians who you
>seem to lump in the same category. And believe me far
>more Christians are loving caring people than are the
>other way.

First off, please do not include me as a "homosexual blasphemer," because I am not either one. Secondly, you are the one engaging in blasphemy because you: 1) believe your gods exist, 2) believe blasphemy is possible, 3) speak with hate and threats in the name of your gods. Thirdly, who said that evil Christians outnumbered non-evil Christians? Certainly not I.

So. Now we see that you have nothing of any import to say. Why, then, are you wasting my time?