Letter to Rev Gleason L. Archer, Ph.D.
Rev Gleason L. Archer, Ph.D.
812 Castlewood Lane,
Deerfield, Illinois

July 18, 1998CE

Iíve read your letter to Mister Farrell Till in the latest issue (July / August 1998CE) of The Skeptical Review. For humanitarian reasons I felt moved to help you out by making some suggestions.

1) Get a spelling checker.

2) Take a refresher course in grammar at a local community college.

3) Abandon the false belief that the Bible does not contain gross errors. It does. You are defending a falsehood, which cannot but make Christians appear foolish, ignorant, and even wildly irrational. Inerrancy is bad theology!

4) Attack Mister Tillís scholarship, not him personally. Otherwise you appear bitter and unable to counter an argument rationally.

5) Cease attacking positions that Mister Till, nontheists, and Christians with opposing views, do not hold and thus do not defend. When you wail about "nihilism," you attack that which Mister Till does not assert, believe, support, or defend. Do you understand how silly such an attack makes you appear?

6) Realize that right behavior, wrong behavior, morality, and ethics are all not predicated upon belief in God. When you falsely attack Mister Till for not having "a yardstick for good and evil," you fail to acknowledge the fact that such a "yardstick" is independent of God-belief. Good is good because it is good: not because some god or human being says it is; evil is evil because it is evil: not because some god or human being says it is.

7) Cease insulting Mister Till and others by attributing to them attributes they do not posses. When you falsely assert Mister Till has no "yardstick for good and evil," you falsely assert Mister till does not know good from evil. Such a person is called "a sociopath," and is a grave danger to society and himself. Is it your contention that Mister Till is a sociopath?

8) Agree to debate poor ole deluded Mister Till and show everyone how wrong he is and how right you are, instead of wailing about how he "ignores" your "evidence." (Warning: see suggestion number three above).

9) Cease trying to threaten / scare nontheists with your demonic God, your Satan, and your Hell. This just makes you appear foolish. It is like a child making empty threats of the boogie-man to adults. It might be considered cute and precocious the first dozen times or so that a nontheist hears it, but after a few thousand times it is merely tedious.

10) Try reading the Bible instead of worshipping it.

11) Subscribe to and study The Skeptical Review. Mister Till has much he can teach you.