Falwell Beats Miscavige As Idiot of the Month

From: Jamie <jshandler.SPAMMEandYOUDIE@usa.net>

Agreed, Garry.

The thing that I find interesting is how Jerry Falwall's little college thing is called "Liberty University."

Let me set up an impossible scenario, just for the hell of it. Imagine if some fascist Congressman (and I don't think there's anyone in the US Congress that truly fits that description... but we're close on a few of them) managed to push a law through that effectively ended the First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion, such that all non-Judeo-Christians were to be forcibly converted to Southern Baptism or something like that. What would Jerry Falwell and/or Pat Robertson say about it? I can't help but think that they'd both be mysteriouly silent, despite all of their professed concern about Freedom of Religion. I don't think they'd raise a cry if Muslim churches were being demolished to make way for Christian bookstores, or if Hindu temples were being levelled to provide extra parking for the J Falwell Heterosexuality Re-education Centers.

I believe that the names "Liberty University" and "Freedom Village" (or whatever the hell Robertson's thing is) are kind of sick jokes. Kind of like that thing the Nazis put above the gates of the concentration camps that translates to "work brings freedom." Freedom and Liberty are the exact opposite of Falwell & Robertson are interested in, which is obvious to anyone who's ever paid any attention to what either one of them has ever said or written.

Okay, that's enough out of me.

Garry Scarff wrote:

> Rev. Jerry Falwell's reputed histrionics for the completely idiotic
> takes reign over the shenanigans of the Scientology cult, in calling for
> the death of the purple Tele-Tubby that Falwell claims is gay. (Funny,
> I have yet to see an episode of the Tele-Tubbies where they were engaged
> in a sexual orgy).
> Does this mean that Barney, too, is a flaming queen?