Cults claiming the end of the world is nigh.

Today's Sunday New York Times has a list of cults claiming the end o' the world is nigh.

Tres amusing.

1. Unarius.

Whacky UFO cult. The mass UFO landings are to take place in 2001.

2. Morningland.

Whacky new age "fortified compound" in California. Christ will shortly be returning in a UFO "the size of Texas" driven by cult leader Sri patricia Mornigland's husband.

3. Ted Hall Y2K collapse o' civilization guru/doom cryer.

Collapse of civilization due to Y2K bug foretold in Book of Revelation. Sells book, "Beat the Beast!".

4. Chuck Missler. - Koinonia House

UFO/Christian sect. The Nephilim are posing as aliens. the final days are upon us. Arranges holy land cruises. Visit Armegeddon, Isle of Patmos where Revelations was written. Fun Biblical Character Masquerade parties on ship.

5. Church Universal and Triumphant.

Prophet now has altzheimer's and the cult is selling it's land in Montana. Elizabeth Clare Prophet still maintains end is nigh.

6. The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days.

Utah. Leader James Harmston claims to be reincarnation of Joseph Smith, ordained by Moses himself. Has 300 polygamist armed follwers camped out awaiting the end. This sect has now been officially excommunicated by Mormon authorities. The end will happen "within 5 years".

7. Concerned Christians.

This is the sect that disappeared in Colorado. Oh where, oh where has my little church gone, oh where, oh where can it beeeeee... Denver is supposedly ground zero for the Apocalypse this fall, well missed that one.

8. High 54 Ranch

Y2k survivalists. Camped out here in Arizona, awaiting the collapse. Must have 1 years supply of food and at least one handgun per family member to join.

9. Lori Adler Toye

Arizona again. New Age ascended master channeler. They predict 1000 years of turmoil, starting now. A giant asteroid is scheduled to hit Nevada. New Lemuria will rise in the oceans West of South America. Good news, New York City will disappear.

10. Floyd (Looks fro Buffalo) Hand

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota Indian UFO cult.

Ancient Hopi and Sioux prophecies are the foundation for Floyd's visions. The Star people will soon be arriving. They will be picking up Indians and a few other chosen enlightened persons. In 1999, we will have a major drought, then floods and earthquakes.

11. House of YahwehAbilene, Texas.

Yisrayl Hawkins claims to be the Biblical "witness" who'll preceed Jesus's second coming. They have an armed compound where Hawkins and his followers will await the coming of Jesus in 2000.

12. Outer Dimensional Forces.

Weslaco, Texas UFO cult. Commander Notrog's group. He is now 90 something, and rarely seen. intensely paranoid group who believe that God will soon be sending a UFO to pick them up while natural disasters destroy us evil nonbelievers.

13 Elohim City Oklahoma

Another armed compound. Bible fundamentalism, pyramidology, racism, astrology. Asiatics will invade America. The wars will be over by 2006.

14. Bob Rutz Arkansas.

Another Y2K survivalist camp. Building a 700 acre Christian community. Mules and kerosense lamps are hot.

15. Kenna E. Farris Savanah Missouri

Christ will return in 3000. But first, we must have great changes. Starting waith a "prophet president", a 24 nation barter banking trade center and horse sense economics. Self published manifestos explain all.

16. Dolores Cannon Huntsville Arkansas.

Channels and uses hypnotized human intermediaries to contact Nostradamus et al. Nostradamus tells us that the anti-Christ is here and hiding in the Middle East. Has a 3 volume set of books explaining it all.

17. The Rev Clyde Lott. Canton Miss.

Clyde believes the temple in Jerusulum must be restored. He is raising red heifers needed for ritual sacrifice to restore the temple as predicted. The believe God will soon be removing Islam's Dome of the Rock so the temple may be retored.

18. Wake up America Seminars Belbrook Ohio

Tribulation starts between 2001 and 2017. Two giant asteroids will hit Earth.

19. Chen Tao. Buffalo, New York.

left Garland, Texas. Armegeddon starts next month. China will invade Taiwan, nuclear war starts.

20. Gordon Mitchel Scallion Chesterfield NH

New age Earth Changes stuff. Earthquakes rising oceans, hurricanes. 1999 will see calamitous melt-offs at the poles and nuclear war starting in Turkey.

21. The Brethern Boston Mass

AKA The Grabage Eaters. Brother Evangelist Jim Roberts preaches that the Great Tribulation is upon us.

22. Twelve Tribes of Israel New York

A Black UFO cult lead by prophet Rawhab. The Black Space Brothers are now circling Earth in the motherships to save good blacks, Hispanics and Indians. They will be levitated to a better world. Rawhab is to prepare deserving minorities for the end times and the space brothers.

23. Kabbalah Learning Center New York

Phillip Berg has claimed the end is nigh on September 11, 1999. Clientele include Rosanne Barr, Madonna,and other stars. A ball of fire will descend, destroying most of mankind.

24. Thomas Chittum Lake Hopatcong, New Jersy

Racist, proclaims the race wars are about to start. has written a book, Civil War Two, which is an influential book in some right wing circles.

25. James BeauSeigneur Rockville, Md.

Has written several popular end times Christian novels. One time congressional candidate, lost to Al Gore in 1980. has written a book series "Christ Clone Trilogy" Samples from Shroud of Turin are used to clone Jesus.

26. The Center for Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Ashville, North Carolina. UFO study group has been trying to entivce UFOs to land. Believes they are here to share new paradigm millenial conciousness. Our government has been shooting down UFOs queering the deal temporarily.

27. Richard W. Noone Ellijay Georgia

Predicts that on 5/5/2000, the Earth's crust will shift ushering in new ice ages. Has written a book, 5/5/2000.

28. Arthur Blessitt North Fort meyers, Florida

Has been touring the world for 29 years carrying a 10 foot long cross. Proclaims the Lord told him to accomplish this by 2000 but disclaims knowing exact date of apocalypse.

29. Meade Ministries Lake City Florida

Charles Meade claims god told him Meade City was the only place that would survive Armegeddon. The world will soon be engulfed in a white sticky substance. 2,000 Meadites have left 14 states and moved to Meadville where a $10,000,000 replica of Noah's Ark is being built as a worship center.

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