Scientology's® Assault of
Paulette Cooper

Letter from the former Sara Northup to Paulette Cooper

March 1972

Sara Northup was the second wife of L. Ron Hubbard. The letter below was first posted by Chris Owen who noted the following:

For the benefit of OSA: no, I didn't get this document from Paulette, and I didn't solicit it in any way whatsoever; it was a big surprise to find it amongst a pile of FBI and CIA papers. The manuscript ends rather abruptly - I'm not sure that it's complete.

When this visit happened, Ron had returned to the US - specifically, New York City - for the first extended stay in his home country for more than a decade. He had lived previously in NYC during the late 1940s; perhaps it was his return "home" which reminded him about his ex-wife and daughter?

Mar 20, 1972

Dear Paulette,

Thank you for sending the photostat of the column concerning Ron.

I really think he is a terribly destructive man - and mad as a hatter.

Last fall a couple of men came here to my home on Maui (Hawaii). They looked like undertakers' assistants. They were very pale - wore cheap black suits, white shirts, dark ties.

They told me they were "agents", but they wouldn't tell me what, or who, they were agents for. They wouldn't show me any identification. They had a long list of personal questions to ask me and they had a "warning" to give me. They told me that people posing as reporters might try to get me to talk about Ron but I would be in trouble if I said anything at all to them.

They wanted to come in the house but I wouldn't let them. I told them I wouldn't speak with them unless they came with identification. They said they'd "check with headquarters and be back this evening". I never saw them again.

My older daughter [Alexis Valerie] (who is Ron's daughter) was home over the holidays. When she arrived back at college there was a man who had been waiting for her in the local inn. He had been there 3 or 4 days.

She asked him to come to her Dorm to talk with him. He told her he was Ron's agent. He had several typewritten pages of "statements" to read her. It had obviously been written by Ron.

It said to her that she was illegitimate - that I was a "street-walker" he had hired as a combination housekeeper-secretary. He said that he fired me and that I came back to his doorstep "destitute and pregnant" and that out of his great heart he had taken me in to see me "through my trouble".

He said that when Alexy was a "Toddler" she was a cute little thing so he took her and a cat, "Motor Boat", along on his wanderings "as pets" for 2 years.

[Alexy was 15 months old when we were divorced]

He also said that during World War II I was a Nazi spy. (He used to tell people that I was a Communist spy who received orders from Moscow by telepathic control). I don't know why he had me change sides.

He said that I had been "used by those in control to discredit Mr. Hubbard." He said he forgave me but it made him very sad.

The paper was signed, "Your good friend, J. Edgar Hoover". The agent told Alexy he was an F.B.I. agent. He would not allow her to inspect it - would only read it to her. At the end he asked her if she had any questions.

She was both angry and shocked that Ron could do such a thing. She told him - "the agent" - it was self-explanatory and asked him to leave. She has had a feeling that her father was a rather romantic figure. These paranoid ravings were frightening to her. She had not realized how sick he was before this incident.

I was furious that he would try to hurt Alexy - I wrote him a long letter telling him what I thought of him for inflicting his madness on Alexy but before I sent it Alexy called and begged me to do nothing. She said, quite rightly, that he was crazy enough to do anything. She asked me to just be thankful that we had escaped contact through all these years.

I really don't know why this recent interest on his part.

Last summer Alexy was in England and dropped by St. Annes Hill [Saint Hill Manor?] - she thought perhaps she could share dinner with him. She was naturally curious about him. She didn't see him.

Maybe he thinks she's going to sue him for back child-support? Maybe he thinks she's going to demand a portion of his estate? Maybe - - - ? I just don't know. Maybe he just resents the fact that I left him.

I hope that when you win your court case, as you must, that you collect court costs and reparations.

His sickness is not just destructive, it is also contagious. I hate to think how many weak people have been harmed by this man.

The day of my divorce from Ron was like a day of rebirth for me. I feel that Alexy and I escaped from a death-in-life situation.

I am really afraid of him. He has such control over his people - and so many of them - that even from England he could do something to hurt Alexy. You have no idea the lengths to which he can go (or, maybe you do?).

These visits from his "agents" are just warnings. The two who came to see me told me as much. It is really frightening not knowing what he might do next.

I had hoped that he had forgotten us - put us out of his mind. Perhaps he thinks I will testify against him in one of the many court cases?

Forgive this rambling letter. I never tell anyone that I was married to Ron - so I have no one to tell about these weird visits. I know you are concerned about Ron so you have the recipients of my meanderings on the subject.

I'm sorry that I never met you. Please do write and tell me what happens with your case. Ron has the advantage of money - but you have rationality on your side. Surely that must be more important.