Scientology's® Assault of
Paulette Cooper

Bomb threats forged by the Church of Scientology

Documents of the United States District Court, District of Columbia, Washington, DC 20001. Criminal Case Number 78-401. United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard, Jane Kember, and Morris Budlong.

These letters were sent by the Church of Scientology to itself. These were made to look as though they had been sent by Paulette Cooper. Both letters had been typed on her typewriter on paper which had her fingerprints on it.

Scientology promptly contacted the FBI regarding "threats against a Church."

First bomb threat:

                     These damn books they are closingin on me

          I know you're all around me everywhere. My tongue is

          swollen --- i hurt---- my operation----YOU did it to me--

            you people are always watching me-Ill get you

        you' re like the Nazis or thex Arabs--- I'll bomb you

            i'll kill you!

           I forget sometimes But I'll get you

                If my Friends dont do it then Ill do it!!!

Second bomb threat:

            This is the last time i am warning you

            I don't know why I'm doing this but you are all out
           to get me      i'm sick of this

            Hitler -Hubbard-Meisler         must b e destroyed

            You no longer will look down on me

            I give you one week before scientology is a

            exploding volcano

            I will knock you out if my friends wont

When the first two bomb threat letters failed to produce a satisfactory result, Scientology planned a new death threat letter to Sec. of State Henry Kissinger which has become known as "Operation Freak Out".