Paulette Cooper's Harassment Diary

From: (Paulettec)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Paulette's diary: (8) frame-up: telling my parents
Date: 26 Sep 1997 10:29:56 GMT

HARASSMENT DIARY, by Paulette Cooper (1982)
Part 8: Telling My Parents

My 1997 editorial comments are enclosed in [[double square brackets]]. I added paragraphs today for easier reading (but it may mess up the formatting)


I called my [[adoptive]] parents and sadly told my father what had happened [[that I was going to be indicted unless I admitted to sending bomb threats I hadn't sent]] and what the government wanted me to do. [[Say I sent them i.e., cop a plea.]]

Dad assured me that any financial or emotional support he would give me was completely independent of whether or not I had done it. "But just out of curiosity," he asked, "did you do it?"

I said, "Dad, I've lied to you about a few things in the past, like what time I really came home some nights. But this is important so I wouldn't lie to you about it. I didn't do it."

Dad then said, "Mom and I wouldn't want you to perjure yourself before a Grand Jury and admit to a crime you didn't do to save us money. And if we have to sell the house to defend you, we'll do it." I started to cry, Dad was holding back tears, and Paula Tyler who was there by the phone cried also.

To digress for a moment, shortly thereafter I came across a picture in a Scientology publication of a girl who looked very much like Paula [[Tyler, a "friend" who turned out to be a Scientologist, who introduced me to Jerry Levin, who also turned out to be a Scientologist]].

When I confronted her with it, however, she was extremely convincing and composed, angry that any Scientologist might look like her. A few weeks later, she received a telegram that her parents had been in a car crash in Europe, and she disappeared forever.[[*]]

[[*Four years later, when I was working with the FBI on this frameup/Operation Freakout/Snow White investigation, I was shown a surreptitiously taken photo of Paula taken at a recent Scientology gathering.]]

[[Three paragraphs from the 1982 diary cut. Incidentally, at a later date I plan to post the whole diary without any cuts.]]

[[1997 Footnotes:]]

[[*]] This is confusing so let me go over it again. In December, a woman calling herself Margie Shepherd, came to my apartment and asked me to sign a petition.

She introduced me to her friend Paula Tyler, (who turned out to be a Scientologist), and after I became friendly with Paula, she introduced me to Jerry Levin, who became my roommate, who also turned out to be a Scientologist.

It was always my opinion that my stationery was stolen by Margie Shepherd, not Jerry, although the FBI later insisted that their inside information from several sources made it clear it was Jerry.

Perhaps Jerry was outside my apartment and Margie brought him the stationery after I'd touched it. Or Jerry broke in (Margie may have unlatched the door for him) and took the stationery. The question of exactly how they got my fingerprint still haunts me, and if anyone has some information about this, or any of these three people, I'd like to know for my own peace of mind.]]