Paulette Cooper's Harassment Diary

From: (Paulettec)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Paulette's diary: (15) Frameup: L Ron Hubbard Jr.'s involvement
Date: 22 Oct 1997 11:02:56 GMT

[[Note: this entry and the next one are important historically because they show that Nibs (L. Ron Hubbard Jr.) appeared to have been involved in the frame-up of me, for which he received a house and/or money.

[[It is also important after he told Roy Wallis -- author of "The Road to Total Freedom" -- about some of his involvement, and Roy threatened to testify at my trial about Nibs's statements and letters, (which he photocopied), the government began to realize I might have been framed and started to back down from trying the case against me.

[[The minute I saw the bomb threat letters for the first time I knew that Nibs was involved in the frame-up because he was the only one who knew I said something, and there was no way Scientology could have known it except through him. The incriminating phrases in the letter were something like: "I hurt. My operation."

[[Remember, that I said earlier in this "diary" that I had spent about a month (after major abdominal surgery) working with Nibs on a forward to Bob Kaufman's book. I had just gotten out of the hospital and it was too early for me to be working and I was still in a lot of pain.

[[I was recuperating at my parents' home and my mother would frequently come over to where we were working and ask me how I was feeling or how my stomach was and I'd usually say: "I hurt" or "It hurts."]]