Scientology's® Assault of
Paulette Cooper

DG Comm US                                 6 November 1972
Guardian Comm WW                           CS-G Comm
The Guardian WW                            CS-G
DG Info WW

DG Info US

                        RE:  BUREAU IV US WEEKLY REPORT
                        W/E 2 November 1972

Dear Mo:

SITUATION:  Nibs aiding PC, Sanders, Kaufman, etc., in attack
on church.
WHY:  Seeking to cash in on name and family.
HANDLING:  Ops received three boxes of material from Nibs, one
containing letters between him and other attacks indicating
ARC-breaks.  Filmed interview scheduled to handle situation
now and in the future.

SITUATION:  Paulette Cooper continues as source of trouble for
the church.
WHY:  Right pressure has not been brought to bear on her.
HANDLING:  Investigation discloses her father's brother's
(Joe Cooper) involvement with Diamond Dealers Club,
organization which consists of selected Diamond Dealers
"not unlike N.Y. Stock Exchange".  This group works with
diamond syndicate which is headed up by Mr. Oppenheimer
of the Oppenheimer Fund.  Plans are to leak information
about diamon syndicate in such a fashion that leak traces
back from Joe Cooper to Ted Cooper to Paulette, thus
cutting on of P.C.'s financial supports.

HANDLING:  Agent spoke to intelligence officer of IRS
and gave him data on father that he had made personal
and business income that went into the thousands of dollars
that he had not reported.

HANDLING:  Agents took photographs October 25 of group
including Kaufman, Cooper and Bernie Green, as they
came from Channel 5 TV show in New York.  Cooper asked
agent if he was a Scientologists, he didn't answer, she
screamed "he is one of them", Green put magazine in
front of his face, and Cooper told agent "When the
pictures come out in Freedom and so forth you'll be
sued for invasion of privacy".  Such a big effect for
so little work.

HANDLING:  Handwriting analysis done on Cooper showing
unfavorable characteristics.  For use in future operation.

HANDLING:  Full up-to-date timetrack on Cooper sent to
WW and CS-G.

SITUATION:  Michael Sanders

HANDLING:  Letter has been located that Sanders wrote
to Nibs a few years ago, re the IRS case.

HANDLING:  Letter found where Sanders communicating
entheta on Scientology to father of Scientologist Ty

SITUATION:  Nibs Hubbard appeared on radio shows with
Paulette Cooper, attacking Scientology.

WHY:  Nibs has never gotten the motivator he sought.

HANDLING:  Investigation underway on Nibs in P.T., as
well has data in files on Nibs being evaluated for
P.T. use.  Cycle currently very active.

SITUATION:  Judge J Skelly Wright is one of three Judges
who turned down decision on CofS.

WHY:  Probably pressure from wife and others.

HANDLING:  Investigation has disclosed that Helen Mitchell
Wright has been made the new President-Elect of the NAMH.
She will shortly begin service as president.  This will,
of course, put her in direct communication iwth WFMH.

SITUATION:  FOLO requested all data B.4 US has on Sea Org
member Shereen Stuart.

WHY:  Unknown.

HANDLED:  Complete debrief from files turned over to FOLO.
Shareen has been a pen pal for many years with a professor
in Poland.