Scientology's® Assault of
Paulette Cooper

                                           10 October 1972

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                  RE:  INTELL US WEEKLY REPORT
                  W/E 25 Sept & 5 Oct 72

Dear Mo:

    Here is the weekly report and it will bring the situations
in the US up to date.

SITUATION:  Paulette Cooper still actively attacking Scientology.

WHY:  Insufficient data, although her continuing existance can
be traced back to ineffective Bureau IV actions to handle early

HANDLING:  Have personnel from US Operations Section in New York
with orders to attack her in as many ways as possible.  First
action taken was Operation [illegible] which is wide-scale
exposure of PC's sex life.  Via inside contacts in New York,
are investigating and attempting committment procedures in line
with the targets on Operation Dynamite.

HANDLING:  DC Operation has ascertained that Michael Sanders
has placed two phone calls to PC since May.  At this time,
have not yet located a file in Sander's office on Paulette.
However, access is very tricky operation and lack of success
does not indicate that no file is present.

HANDLING:  On West Coast, an operation being conducted on
Jack Horner and John Farrell has come up with one letter
from Paulette to Horner.