Operation Freakout PC -- Bomb Threat, indictments, prison terms

From: FRice@SkepticTank.ORG (Rev. Fredric L. Rice)
Subject: Operation Freakout PC -- Bomb Threat, indictments, prison terms
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 20:34:57 GMT
Organization: The Skeptic Tank
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Xenu allowed paulettec@aol.com (Paulettec) to write:

>>Wow. I had no idea that anyone had even considered charges against
>scientology for what they did to Paulette. Can you fill in a bit of

>There was an FBI investigation of Scientology for the frame-up of me and also a
>grand jury in New York on this. The Scientologists continually thwarted it
>e.g., Scientologists such as Charles Batdorf, James Meisler, etc., came before
>the Grand Jury and pleaded the FIRST amendment (not the 5th) and refused to
>discuss details of what they knew had been done to have me falsely arrested.

>Part of the problem was that the FBI had plenty of general details, but they
>needed specific ones about who was involved in the fake bomb threats for them
>to seek indictments against individuals. After a while, they felt that since
>most of the higher-ups who were involved in the plot to frame me (e.g., Mary
>Sue Hubbard, Dick Weigand, etc.,) were also being prosecuted in the Washington
>DC criminal case ("Snow White") which was going on at that time, that they
>would just pursue that one case. One of the agents even told me that I should
>therefore feel that I was getting justice on my case, which I didn't.

>Paulette Cooper

Interesting. I had never seen any court documents covering criminal charges against the Scientology crooks who did that to you and I've also never seen any civil charges so I knew that it had some how been dropped with yourself getting no satisfaction. I had never heard that it was the recommendation of the Federal prosecutors to not indict the criminals on Operation Freakout PC as well.

It's a shame. Perhaps Kendrick Moxon could have been imprisoned at that time instead of some how avoiding indictments. If some of the more notorious ringleaders had been indicted for their part in Operation Freakout PC, perhaps Lisa McPherson would be alive today. I'd think it a good chance that Stacy Moxon would be alive if she had known exactly what her father was.

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