What authors first exposed Scientology?

From: paulettec@aol.com (Paulettec)
Date: 05 May 2002 14:58:05 GMT
Subject: What authors first exposed Scientology?
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Someone wrote here a short while ago that I wrote the first expose on Scientology. Not exactly. I wrote the first critical *book,* but while I was trying to sell it, a negative magazine article came out in Life Magazine (written by Alan Levy), and another in Parents Magazine, written by Arlene and Howard Eisenberg.

I think the next major article after those two in America, was mine, which appeared in England in Harper/Queen magazine in December of 69. (I doubt that it was a coincidence that that was also the month of my first death threat).

My book "Scandal of Scientology" came out in 1970. I think George Malko's book "The Now Religion" came out slightly before mine, but I never considered his to be an expose.

As I was completing my book go to to my publisher, I met Bob Kaufman, who had a manuscript he was planning to develop into a book (or perhaps he had completed his book but I don't think he had sold it yet. So he may have actually written, if not published, the first expose of Scientology, although his was a first person account and mine was an investigative reporting job.)

So, I wasn't the first to expose Scientology in print, but mine was probably the first book to come out against them, and I was also the only author to turn activist as concerned them.

(I might have some minor detail wrong on the dates above since this comes from memory, not notes.)

Paulette Cooper