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I have updated my multimedia page with real pnm streaming versions as well as downloads of the raid on Dennis Erlich, the Secret Lives program from BBC channel 4, and also the Xenu cartoon.

The pnm capabilities of these files (I hope it will be more in the future, is thanks to the owner of

For the full content of my multimedia page see below, and for full URL-links to all files go to

Multimedia Page

On this page, you will find RealAudio and RealVideo files that you will be able to listen to with streaming audio/video. That means that you won't have to download the file before you can listen to it.

Streaming HTTP Audio/Video enables audio content providers to stream RealAudio / Video sound from a World Wide Web server. While this method is not as robust, it provides a reasonable method for providing RealAudio / Video content.

I will also thanks to the owner of, be able to provide real pnm-streaming RealAudio / Video files through a genuine RealMedia Server. To begin with, most files on this page will be http streaming. The big difference between http-streaming, and pnm-streaming, is that with the latter you will be able to FastForward and Rewind within a file/program. That is not possible with http streaming.

If you don't want to listen to the files on-line, you will be able to download the files instead. Just click on the appropriate links.

To be able to listen to RealAudio files streaming, you'll need the RealAudio player 3.0 or higher. To view the RealVideo files in streaming mode, you'll need the RealPlayer 5.0 or higher. The RealPlayer will handle both filetypes so you don't need two players. If you don't have the RealAudio / RealPlayer, you can download it for free from RealAudio. Click on the logo to download the RealPlayer.

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