L.R. Hubbard Was Taking a Psychopharmaceutical Drug When He Died

This is from the 1983 edition of the _Physician's Desk Reference_, pg 1571. It was a couple years out of date when Hubbard died. Vistaril is the psych drug found in Hubbard's body in Hubbards's autopsy.

Vistaril (R)
(hydroxyzine hydrochloride)
Intramuscular Solution
For Intramuscular use Only

Hydroxyzine has demonstrated its clinical effectiveness in the chemotherapeutic aspect of the total management of neuroses and emotional disturbances manifested by anxiety, tension, agitation, apprehension or confusion.

It induces a calming effect in anxious, tense, psychoneurotic adults and also in anxious, hyperkinetic children without impairing mental alertness. It is not a cortical depressant but its action may be due to a suppression of activity in certain key regions of the subcortical area of the central nervous system.

Indications: The total management of anxiety, tension and psychomotor agitation in conditions of emotional stress requires in most instances a combined approach of psychotherapy and chemotherapy. Hydroxyzine has been found to be particularly useful for this latter phase in its ability to render the disturbed patient more amenable to psychotherapy in long term treatment of the psychoneurotic and psychotic although it should not be used as the sole treatment of psychosis or of clearly demonstrated cases of depression. ....

VISTARIL (hydroxyzine hydrochloride) Intramuscular Solution is useful in treating the following type of patients when intramuscular administration is indicated:

1. The acutely disturbed or hysterical patient.

2. The acute or chronic alcoholic with anxiety withdrawal symptoms or delirium tremens.

3. As pre- and postoperative and pre- and postpartum adjunctive medication to permit reduction in narcotic dosage, allay anxiety and control emesis.

According to what Hubbard's doctor told the coroner, and what the labs from the autopsy found, Hubbard had been injected with Vistaril and only Vistaril in a non-hospital setting. That's what you do with a psychiatrically disturbed or drug withdrawal patient.

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