UK draft letter to Charities Commission

From: Roland <>
Subject: UK draft letter to Charities Commission
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 23:33:01 +0100
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I'm gonna send them another letter regarding the Co$ application for charitable status in the UK. It needs some work though. A few affidavits, perhaps. Just to give people a few ideas, especially with regard to this idea that Scientology is a "dangerous group" then here is what I have written so far.


Regarding the "Church" of Scientology's application for charitable status

I wrote to you at the end of 1998 expressing my views that the "Church" of Scientology should be denied charitable status in the UK. This letter is to further reiterate this in light of the mass advertising campaign we are now seeing all over the London Underground network and on TV. I am sure your department is being put under pressure by the "Church" of Scientology in the UK to grant this status, especially legal pressure due to changes in European law forbidding discrimination against religions. However, I hope your department will not bow to this pressure since to grant them this status is tantamount to granting this cult a licence to destroy lives.

Scientology has got to be one of the most brutal mind-control cults that has ever existed. Brutal towards its own members as well as brutal towards those who criticise them. It is a social danger and a cancer in our society. They gain their membership by preying on those who have lost their way in life using a deliberately inaccurate personality test in order to persuade people to part with money. They lie to these people as well telling them that Scientology is compatible with other religions. They lie to them when they tell them the benefits Scientology can bring to their lives. They lie about their membership numbers and the work Scientology is doing worldwide. Vulnerable young people are sucked into this cult and when all their money is gone they are recruited onto staff for a pittance of a salary. Although they have signed a five year contract (initially) and are fully employed they will still draw unemployment benefit. When on staff they are persuaded to do expensive courses and told they will have to pay back this money should they leave before their contract has ended. This results in them becoming financial prisoners to this cult. If they do not meet their money targets then they can find themselves disciplined by the cult and assigned punishment duties. Many of them expect to find their salvation through the process called "auditing". When they do not get this they are then falsely recruited into their elite corps known as the Sea Org. There they will endure even greater brutality. It all starts with their giving intimate details of all their misdeeds, crimes and all sexual encounters for both the opposite and same sex. This will be used against them should they ever leave and try to claim compensation for their ruined lives. Forced to work in excess of one hundred hours per week, if they fall behind in their targets or displease their masters they can get assigned to the "Rehabilitation Project Force" or "RPF" for short. This is imprisonment with no set period involving forced labour, a poor diet of beans and rice and with no contact allowed with the outside world or with relatives. They are only released when they have confessed all their supposed crimes and proven themselves to be good members. This normally lasts for a minimum of six months but can last as long as those in charge of them decide. This brutality extends to children both before and after they are born. These Sea Org members cannot afford contraceptives on their meagre $30 per week, not always paid, I stress, in return for their hundred plus hours of labour and some young women become pregnant. They will then be forced to undergo abortions even though they wish to keep their babies. Should a child be born into this cult then they will be kept in appalling conditions - poorly fed, poorly clothed, poorly cared for and poorly educated until they are old enough to serve in the same slave-like conditions as their parents. Indeed their parents will only be able to see them for one hour per day while they are babies or infants and only if their work targets are met.

This will be the fate of many young people if you grant this cult tax-exempt status in the UK. Though the UK version of this "Church" may seem milder you have got to remember that many of the recruits end up as these Sea Org members and are sent to the US where they will suffer these conditions. This is not a "Church" that your department should be considering for tax-exempt status. Rather it is a destructive mind-control cult backed by lawyers using bullying tactics on both its members and those who dare criticise it. It is a social menace and a danger to the public. It would be more fitting for the government to ban this cult in the UK as has already been done in Greece.

I urge your department to soundly reject their application for tax-exempt status, to make it clear that by nature of their organisation they can never be expected to be granted this status and to make your decision publicly known. In so doing this could in some way act as a warning to people in the UK and so protect young and vulnerable people from their abuses and cruelty.

Yours truly,

Roland Rashleigh-Berry

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