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Message #6 (11:44 17/04-98)
Name/Nick: Tom
Hey, I just want to thank the people that made this web site.. i had no clue what this church[sic] of scientology was, and i applied for a job i saw in the paper, and it ended up being them. Well it was pretty wierd being in there anyway, and i had thoughts of cult in my head, and i was like oh great what am i getting myself into now. So when i got home i looked it up on here and found hundreds of pages on this crap. Well i'm never going back there again, thats not the way i want my life to be... well good luck to everyone else out there.

Message #9 (07:59 17/04-98)
Name/Nick: CLAMATO
How many former scienos have had medical conditions diagnosed scientologically? I will relate some of mine here:

I had panic attacks. The ethics officer said I was suffering from the "nervous hysteria" of going past misunderstood words. I was forced to do ethics conditions for my "out ethics." In reality, I had a bad allergy to Nutrasweet. Once the Nutrasweet was stopped, the panic attacks stopped and never returend.

I suffered from electrical sensations going down my head, neck and spine. I was told by auditors that the sensations were the result of electronic implants. Reality was demyelination in the brain.

I was allergic to cigarette smoke. The orgs were full of smoke. I complained and was laughed at and told to follow Ron's advice: If you can't handle one thing, then get two things. (The theory being that after handling two things, a person should then be able to handle one thing.) I was actually told to smoke to cure my allergy to smoke. And like a d.s. I did. The allergy to smoke grew worse and I grew a cyst in my sinus cavity. Very painful and if the medicine hadn't shrunk it, I would have had to have had my face cut open to have the cyst removed.

How about the scieno party line that homebirths are dianetically superior to hospital births, and you would be ethics bait if you had your kid in the hospital? One of my children nearly died during a home birth.

How about migraines? CO$ said "out-int." Neurologist said "chemical imbalance." Auditing never stopped the pain, but migraine meds did.

Did running ARC breaks ever heal the upset? No. But being able to forgive the person who harmed you works wonders.

How about broken bones? Orthopedic surgeon said it would take 3 months for bones to heal. CO$ said "buy two intensives of auditing and the bones will heal in 1 month." Bought the two intensives. How long did it take the bones to heal? Three months, like the orthopedic surgeon said.

How about when I had a medical emergency and no one in the org had the nerve to leave post to take me to the emergency room? Finally, one person took me, but dumped me at the E.R. door and left. (I couldn't even walk at that point.) If I hadn't been listening to scientology advice I would have been getting routine check ups which would have detected the problem before it became life threatening.

No, I do not doubt that CO$ killed Lisa McPherson.

Message #10 (04:43 17/04-98)
In ARS Week in Review, Vol. 2, Issue 48, the following is quoted (regarding a Scientology school called Delphi: "While the school uses Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's trademarked Study Technology methodology and displays Scientology publications, Garrison maintains that the school is not affiliated with the church[sic]. 'I started this school 18 years ago and have been headmistress since then,' she said. 'The "Church" of Scientology doesn't run this school or finance this school. If this is true, why do they collect stats on Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. and call them in to CO$?

Message #12 (04:04 17/04-98)

In volume 3, issue 1 (5/4/98) of ARS Week in Review, a question was posed: "Is the American Technologies Group a Scientology-run company?" I do not know if ATG is a scientology-run company, but I do know that a number of scientologists work there. Ken Dorsett and Jim Nicastro are two. I also know that in its early days ATG sold stock of a different company (SOL-3) to people buying ATG stock and never replaced the SOL-3 stock with ATG stock. I have reason to believe that insider information took place, so some scientologist owners of ATG stock were able to buy and sell at favorable terms while other people, that weren't scientologists, that never received the legitimate stock certs were jerked around until the price of ATG stock fell quite a bit and lost out on making money they should have legitimately been able to make. ATG is not a reputable company to deal with. Harold Rapp may talk tough, but will he talk so tough when a number of "dissatisfied" customers turn their SOL-3 certs over to the SEC and file formal complaints?

Message #14 (18:52 16/04-98)
Name/Nick: Shrike
I've always had my doubts about ElRon. After hearing him actually speak (through the wonder of RealAudio) I can now confidently say that the guy was a fruitcake of the highest order. How he managed to escape a shirt with no holes in the sleeves is beyond me, how he managed to construct one of the biggest and richest cults in the world is even more beyond me. He makes Bagwhan look like a saint!

Message #15 (14:25 16/04-98)
Name/Nick: Irene Beck
I was quite shocked by the information I found on this site. It is of great importance that Scientology's real aims and methods are exposed to the public. Thank you for your courage to stand up against this sick, vicious cult.

Message #16 (11:33 16/04-98)
Name/Nick: PC
After reading the section about how to 'dead agenting' I am actually really chocked about this viscious cult. I think the only group one could possibly compare them with is the Nazis. Let's all do something to save the world from this evil empire. At first, when I was tricked into some intro courses for a short time, I thought that the cult was a result of just a dirty attempt to trick money from people. After much more study of this phenomenon of a 'religion' I don't think that greed only can be the motivation. They CERTAINLY must have a goal of dominating the whole society the same way as the Nazis did! Nothing less can possibly motivate their behavior. For all you people on the enemy list, why not make a little counter attack. The following statements seems to frighten them specially much: - L. Ron Hubbards background in Aleister Crowleys SATANIST cult. (They share many symbols with this, for example: The-lema-tans, OT(O), the crossed-over-cross, the triangle etc. - Easy to check!) - Their belief that this is a PRISON PLANET, from which 'they are the only group who knows how to escape'... (They are EXTREMELY sensitive about denying this! But that was actually what I was told when they tried to talk me into joining their SEA ORG.) For the sake of humanity, let's get rid of (E)L-Ron's cult as soon as possible! I will very much like to thank Clambake for their work!

Message #27 (14:37 15/04-98)
Name/Nick: scienowino
TO ALL FORMER SCIENTOLOGISTS: I am writing a fictional book in which the main character joins and leaves a cult. While this novel will not be an authoritative text (I do not have the time nor the knowledge to make it such) I would like to make the main character's experiences with the cult as true to life as possible. So, if anyone out there would be willing to answer some questions for me and just generally talk about their experiences, please email me at:


Please know that your privacy is of extreme importance to me. You do not have to leave me any information as to who you are, such as your name, address, etc. Thank you for your time.

Message #37 (02:58 09/04-98)
Name/Nick: Afraid to Post Name

To Karg: Thanks for your prompt reply. I really appreciate your humor, in that cynical kind of way! ;-) My parents know of Xenu and think the whole thing is pretty hip. They've been members for more than 25 years. I don't think they care if they live in abject poverty (it is all just MEST, as you know). I vacillate between anger and thinking, "If they are happy, what do I care?" The only time I feel it's time to make a new tone chart to accommodate OVERT hostility is when I realize my parents have put me on a mailing list. At least I don't get those annoying "Are You There" letters anymore. And nobody goes around telling me that to disagree is to "ding" them (don't know if you remember that whole "dinging" fiasco). Anyway, just talking to you makes me feel better. Thanks for the support.

Best wishes, Andreas Heldal-Lund
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