ACLU/EFF Agree to support

From Michael Ray Randolph

I received a call from the Colorado ACLU today, confirming to me that the ACLU and EFF will be working together to provide me with a legal defense should Scientology choose to sue me.

In their words, "we have formally accepted your case," and they will be sending me written confirmation in the mail. The written confirmation will be made available ASAP.

I am very glad to see that these two groups, both of which I respect deeply, will be standing firmly on the side of free speech and against scientology's tactics which, in this case, are completely contrary to such freedom. I expect that there might be a press release coming from one or both of these organization.


The situation is already a PR disaster for [the cult]. Simply because they threatened me, they've had the following "results": These things are just based on the THREATS of their bogus lawsuit. Should they actually sue, It would get a LOT of attention.

Helena Kobrin called me to discuss this and other issues the week following thanksgiving last year. I told her then that "scientology-kills" was about free speech, and that I considered it a fundamental form of free speech.

We all notice that the church didn't threaten to sue me for Libel. Because, of course, the statement that Scientology Kills is NOT libelous. It's factual. It would seem they would be working to fix that, rather than hassling the guy who's pointing out the problem.

If it were a normal church, that is. But the deaths keep happening. And there's more information about to break regarding another, as yet unpublicized, death in Clearwater. Stay tuned.


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