Vicki Aznaran was a top Scientology official working directly under David Miscavige, the current leader. She and her husband Richard left the Sea Org in 1987, describing their treatment there as "brainwashing" and their condition as "slave-like."

They state they were threatened with torture and physical harm for disloyalty, were subject to long interrogations, were involuntarily and forceably separated from each other for many months with no communication permitted, were forced to divorce, were physically abused with poor nutrition and sleep deprivation, were housed in "animal quarters," were imprisoned against their will, and for resisting control were threatened with being "fair gamed" (a vicious Scientology policy under which one "... may be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed").

When in 1982 Vicki expressed disapproval of a plan "for all Scientology entities to turn over their profits to Author Services, Inc.," she was ordered to the RPF (Scientology's prison/forced labor camp), where for approximately 120 days she was forced to participate in the "running program." This required her and others subject to this discipline to run around a telephone pole from 7AM to 9:30PM, with 10 minute rests every half-hour and 30 minute lunch and supper breaks. Vicki states she saw other victims beaten upon attempted escape, and their personal belongings destroyed, and that they were made to wear rags taken from garbage cans, sleep on the ground, and dig ditches.

Regarding the "church" of Scientology, she states: "This is a criminal organization, day in and day out," and that despite denials, fair game policy dirty tricks are still being done. She states she heard Miscavige order attacks on "troublemakers;" "He said we will use public people, send them out to dissidents' homes, have their homes broken into, have them beaten, have things stolen from them, slash their tires, break their car windows, whatever--- this was being carried out at the time I left (1987)."

References: A PIECE OF BLUE SKY by John Atack; ABC Nightline news show of 2/14/92; L. RON HUBBARD: MESSIAH OR MADMAN? by Bent Corydon & L. Ron Hubbard Jr.

When founder L. Ron Hubbard officially resigned his position as "church" leader in 1966 to conceal his control of Scientology, and thus evade legal culpability, Bill Franks became the figurehead leader, Executive Director International "for life." He later became, as have many in Scientology, a victim of betrayal and a scapegoat.

In 1980 Franks had the task of investing about $150,000,000 in "church" funds. In Forbes magazine he states: "The question was always how to get more money into Hubbard's pocket and how to hide that from the IRS. There was literally cash all over the place. There would be people leaving from Florida for Europe with bags of cash on a weekly basis. There were hundreds of bank accounts."

Franks removed Hubbard's name from the accounts to conceal his connection to "church" money. Franks states: "Scientology's income at that time was as high as $2,000,000 per week," and "Scientology was able to generate such huge sums of money because of single-mindedness towards the goal of getting money to Hubbard - it was big-league sales, totally indoctrinated by the organization to get every last dime." - "It's a perfect story about greed and lust for power. If you understand it on that basis - it makes perfect sense."

Howard Rower, a former Missionholder, is also quoted in Forbes regarding Scientologists and money: "If you don't have the money you're a slave, and if you have money, you're fawned over until you don't have any money." Rower understates the truth. Celebrities with unlimited funds are indeed fawned over, but manipulative and coercive "hard sell" techniques await the ordinary public (non-staff) Scientologist that may resist being bled penniless. "Slave" is an apt description of the cult staff member paying for the "Bridge to Total Freedom" with his or her labor.

Validating these claims are the statements of Hubbard's own son: "Dad believed firmly that Dianetics and Scientology were his alone: 'Nobody makes money off this but ME!' I heard him say many times. And to do so was a fast way to be destroyed. 'It's MINE!' I heard him scream, more times than I care to recall. When he was in one of his rages he could really get profane - ."

And what did L. Ron Hubbard himself say about all this? "The fees you pay do not go to me." Also, "I have never lied to you or conned you."

References: A PIECE OF BLUE SKY by Jon Atack; L. RON HUBBARD: MESSIAH OR MADMAN? by Bent Corydon & L. Ron Hubbard Jr.; The Prophet and Profits of Scientology - Forbes magazine, Oct. 27, 1986.

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